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Breakout Performers of 2010


XCritic’s Breakout Performers of 2010

With the rapid growth of performers in the adult industry, it takes more than just being a good fuck on camera to make it to the top. Only a few stand out, that deliver not only just that good fuck, but a whole lot more. XCritic, keeps an eye on many ladies throughout the year and with great detail though reviews, interviews and even meeting many in person. Every year we look for that special group, who not only knows how to fuck, but shows passion and excitement in every sex scene and then delivers creativity in their sexual performances. With the many new concepts of movies coming out, it is just as important, they have strong acting skills for the non-sex segments of the scenes and can deliver roles of a specific character. As 2011 approaches, it will take every part of this, to make that continued climb to the top of stardom. So, who are the ones that we feel strong about in all these aspects and are the key ones to watch in 2011? It’s an impressive list that XCritic has picked of seven special ladies as “Breakout Performers of 2010 To Watch In 2011“. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order.

Allie Haze

Allie Haze has been continual amazement to the industry with large diversification in scenes that she always gives us very strong erections from. From a sweet innocent girl, to showing us how she can be a nasty little slut in “We Suck! 3“, she always keeps us wondering what will come next. 2010 delivered a exciting side of Allie. Not only is her sexual performances strong, but this young lady has some excellent acting skills as we saw in New Sensations, “Romance Series”, “Awakening To Love”. Not only did she show us what she can do as an actress, but it was one of her strongest and most exhilarating sex scenes she has shot. From the role she had in “The Interns”, not only does she show acting skills too, but reinforced what Allie Haze’s XCritic Interview said, on performing with other girls. With a strong love that she shows everyday for her fans and her commitment to deliver flawless performances. 2011 will with no question bring us some new and exciting things from her and is one to watch.

Ally Kay

Ally Kay, “Porn’s Girl Next Door”, in her XCritic interview, learned that when growing up, she was your average mid-western American girl, a gymnast, cheerleader and the the last of her friends to lose her virginity. As XCritic watched her this past year, we have watched her gymnast and cheerleader moves as she fucked in many of her scenes. In fact, she, has made us jump up and yell, “OMG, Ally, let see that again”. Thank goodness for the rewind button to do so. Ally, always delivers with excitement and can turn her “Girl Next Door” image into some “Nasty Girl Stuff”, that makes her that perfect “Girl Next Door” we all want to fuck. From here scenes in “Naughty Cheerleaders” and “Cock Sucking Challenge” to her squirting talents and great cumswaping, she continues to deliver constant nut busting scenes. Ally, has shown her love for her fans by participating in the “Fuck A Fan” series and with her sweet tiny titties, she showed us how sweet they are in dvds like “Tiny Teen Titties”. What else can she deliver that will make us jump up again in 2011? Well, a little birdie has told XCritic that she will be shooting her very first anal scene in January 2011. Now that is something we all will look forward too watching.

Ashli Orion

When, we found out in Ashli Orion’s XCritic Interview early this year, that she is “The type of girl, who sticks a toy in her butt just for entertainment value”, it told us there will not only be strong and dirty sex, but it will come with unbelievable entertainment. In just over two years and 165 dvds, she has proven this over and over many times. Watching Ashli, in 2010 has been a steady erection and constant jerking off, by all of us at XCritic. Her, vast and always different performances delivers new and exciting things from this down right at times sluttly girl. Regardless, if she is working as a “Fluffer" or “Snorting Cum” for Immoral Productions to her scene this year in “Belladonna: Slut, which delivered one of her first double penetration scenes, she always delivers new energy and excitement. Ashli, has caused more fans to use up lube jerking off to her than anyone else. Of course, “She loves knowing guys are doing it” and believes “Its healthy for a guy to bust a nut and why not too her”. This year, Ashli also showed us other talents when she produced two music videos for her award nominations with Urban X and AVN. Ashli is a sexual package of dynamite and there is no question in XCritic’s mind that she is one to watch again in 2011.

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston, in a very short period of time has not only caught the attention of many fans by giving them instant erections, she has attracted many big name production companies who have casted her in exciting and well performed roles. From “Nurse Jennifer in “Not Mash XXX”, where she pops, Radar’s cherry to her first anal scene released in “Dangerous Curves”, she has not only given us a nice mix to beat off too, but has shown some very strong talents in her acting ability for the non-sex segments of her scenes. In Chanel’s XCritic Interview, she shared with us that is was becoming bored as a dancer in Hawaii that led to to the exciting life of porn for her and certainly all of us too. When you look at her strong roles, performances, love for this business and OK, her fucking fantastic 32D boobs. Her delivery of scenes in 2010 are only the tip of the iceberg for what we feel she will bring in 2011. There is strong advice out there, to invest in lots of lube for her upcoming scenes in 2011 and we strongly agree.

Chastity Lynn

Just a little over two years ago, Chastity Lynn entered the adult industry and was quickly labeled “Porn’s Most Innocent Looking Girl”. During, 2009, she brought us sweet and exciting material, but 2010 was a very strong year for her. She was in her first parody, “A-Team, The: A XXX Parody” with strong reviews and a exciting performance. Also, in 2010 she performed her first anal scenes and in “Butt Fuck Bukkake” and not only did she take it in the ass for over twenty-five strait minutes, but showed us an unbelievable dirty girl as over 15 guys loaded her face up with cum as she loved every drop. Her growth in 2010, has many now referring to her as “Porn’s Most Innocent Looking, Dirty Girl”. 2011, will by far continue to bring us strong jerk-off material with what she has in store including her launch of “The Gang Bang Girl”, where she will be taking on as many industry and non-industry males as she can handle and we have heard it will be in the double digits. Don’t let her innocent looks mislead you, she is delivering outrageous, exciting and unbelievable scenes and 2011 makes her another strong girl to watch.

Sparky Sin Claire

If you were to ask XCritic, who would be the Alt Girl to watch in 2011, we would quickly respond, Sparky Sin Claire. In 2010, she brought us exciting sex in so many different ways, from her very first double penetration scene on screen and in her life with “Scurvy Girls 3“ to her first tranny scene with Mandy Mitchell . She is unique, talented and adventurous. Sparky, has shot scenes that many others haven’t even thought of or would consider shooting and has some in mind she would love to be cast in for 2011, including a double penetration tranny scene. In Sparky Sin Claire’s XCritic Interview she told us “I get serious enjoyment doing filthy things knowing guys are jerking off and it totally turns me on”. Well Sparky, we get lots of pleasure jerking off to you too. If she delivers some of the things she has done in her personal life like, “A seven-guy gang bang just for fun”, 2011 would not only be an exciting year for her and us, but a good year to invest in lube companies stocks as she will have their sales soaring with all the jerking off she will be causing. Sparky, is a must for everyone to watch in 2011, because we belive strong things will continue to emerge from this exciting and unique alt girl.

Tristyn Kennedy

When a young girl at only eighteen years old entered the business in 2010 and delivered performances stronger than many established ladies, she has not only caught XCritics eye, but stays in our radar constantly. Tristyn Kennedy, has done this in everyone of her scenes in 2010, including “Teens On Cock” and “Bald Beavers 2“. Not only is she a strong performer when it comes to sex, she has shown us she can be just as strong and sometimes comical in her non-sex roles. So, what has made Tristyn, so strong so fast? There are many things that have contributed to this as XCritic learned when we had the opportunity to Interview Tristyn, including her telling us, “Sex, I love it and I am the same person sexually off screen that you see on screen”. For what she has delivered in 2010, she is with no question one to watch in 2011 as we hope to see her first girl/girl scene, more strong fucking and her “Bust Your Nut, Over & Over” cock sucking skills, that she loves to do more than anything.

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