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Kristina’s First Blog


XCritic asked me about a month ago if I would be interested in blogging for them. I of course said yes even though I was kinda nervous about the whole thing. Plus, it makes me laugh a little because my grammar is horrible and I usually speak in a slag only I understand. I still don't know what exactly I plan to write about on here but they said I can write about whatever I want [insert evil laugh here]. I don't think they know what they're getting into but I'm gunna run with it...


So for my first blog post I'm going to do two things..


First I'd like to brag about how happy and excited I am for the 2011 AVN Awards/ AEE!!! 

As you may or may not know last year at AVN/AEE 2010 I got in a little bit of trouble and didn't really have the best time (i.e. I got arrested for drunkenly beating up my dumb exboyfriend the first night I got there). This little incident kinda set a shitty tone for the rest of my trip and yeah... It was no bueno to say the least. 


Now, after making many life changes (no more drinking, no more suitcase pimp boyfriends) and busting my ass (literally) all year long here we are again! I'm so proud and honored to say that I have 14 AVN nominations (including POTY) and both of my movies with Elegant Angel "Kristina Rose is Slutwoman" & "Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman" got nominations as well!! I'm so excited!!! Plus, Elegant Angel loves me soooo much that despite my drama last year they're giving me another shot at signing for them at AEE again this year! I really feel like this is going to be the best AVN/AEE I've ever been to. I'm just so excited and I plan to document the whole thing!!! Stay tuned...


Next up I'd like to play a little game I learned from my friends James Deen & P.Cakes.


Fuck-->Marry-->Kill--> "Drunken' bitches that prolly woulda busted a "Kristina" at AVN 2010 too" Edition: Miley Cyrus. Lily Allen. Lindsey Lohan. Go!


[Kill] Miley: IDK why. Maybe it was the "Salvia" thing. Who taints their bong with that shit??!??


[Marry] Lily: She wears sneakers and she uses the word "cunt" on the reg. *swoon*


[Fuck] Lindsey: Anyone that says they have no interest in fucking/spending one night with Lohan is a liar & an idiot. I'd hit. 

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