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XCritic Interviews Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs


Popporn Spock Buckton

Over the past few years the internet has completely reshaped the adult industry.  One of the very positive thing to come out of that is a class of new directors and producers who have their roots on the web and bring a fresh sensibility. One of the most notable of these web based porn pioneers are the Popporn team of Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs.  

From their start as a snarky porn blog that reveled in the fact that people take porn far to seriously. These two quickly found their way behind the lens and onto the AVN Award nominations.  Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs have a wickedly sharp sense of humor and their releases including the smash hit the Official Jersey Shore Porn Parody have quickly established them as something much more than just bloggers turned pornographers and put them along side some of the industries elite director/producers.

Bill The Hobbyist had a chance to chat with this dynamic duo.  Read our complete Interview with Spock Buckton and Brian Bangs

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