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Girls Kissing Girls 6


Girls Kissing Girls 6

When it comes to giving out the XCritic Pick rating, only the best of the best make the grade. A film has to be so good that we have absolutely no reservations about telling you to run out and buy it.

Girls Kissing Girls 6 from Sweetheart Films absolutely wow'd our review team.  No matter what your thoughts are on lesbian movies, this is one to excite even the most cynical of viewers. The scenes are pretty common, but each has their individuality and the charge each elicits is phenomenal. The editing is great and the camerawork focusing on the kissing is so real as to defy belief. Director Noelle showed a deft touch and a sensitivity to giving us every ounce of passion and excitement possible and you will be amazed at the realism and eroticism on display here, no matter what your preference and viewing habits.

Read our complete review of Girls Kissing Girls 6 and see why we've given it our highest rating!

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