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XCritic Visits With The BombShell Brats At Exxxotica NJ 2010


XCritic Visits With The BombShell Brats At Exxxotica NJ 2010

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

Recently, I had the opportunity to do an XCritic Web-site Review on Bombshell Brats and also attend one of their events in Philadelphia. When, I ran into four of the exciting young ladies from the site at Exxxotica NJ 2010, it was a special treat. I was very fortunate to not only meet some of the ladies for the first time, but also sit down with all them to find out more about each one and BombShell Brats. These young ladies will amaze you in many ways as they did with me. BombShell Brats are a special group of young ladies that you will certainly fall in love with and want to see as much of their work as you can. Come meet these sexy, hot and down right lovable ladies, Miss Kate Hate, Taylor Trash, Mia and Missy Starr from Bombshell Brats. They are in my sites and I know they will be in yours too. Oh and these ladies know how to party too!

Miss Kate Hate & Taylor Trash At Exxxotica's After Hours Party

Miss Kate Hate

Miss Kate Hate, I have actually know for awhile and she is not only sexy, she is one of the most exciting and adorable ladies you can imagine. She is a fantastic dancer and one who will always give you a woody the instant she starts dancing for you. She has been in the industry for awhile and has always been successful in all she does. She is very creative in her work and it’s exciting, erotic and sensual all in one. This young lady is so hot, I travel from Virginia to Philadelphia often to to have her dance for me and she always makes the trip well worth it. One can’t help but to fall in love with this adult entertainer as her beauty, talents and personality will always have you coming back for more.

Kate, you have been around the adult industry in many different and exciting aspects. Would you mind sharing a bit about your work, yourself and any upcoming plans that you have?

I have been in the adult business since I was 18 years old, so that makes eight years. In the beginning I applied to Burning Angel and was one of the first original nine they shot. I also shot for Savage Amateurs, Lazer Bunny, Dangerous Dolls and Bombshell Brats. I did reviews for PopPorn for awhile, that was a lot of fun.

Most of my work is creative and/or artistic, which is why I like shooting for BombShell Brats, as you’re able to customize your own shoots and be who your are. Much of my work has been solo shoots and still photography. I am a Dancer and dance regularly at DayDreams in Philadelphia and have been there for three years, so come let me rub my ass on your boner.

My upcoming plans are to get my blog more active, set up a clips for sale site with solo and POV clips and an upcoming project with JM Darling.

I am on Twitter @misskatehate and my blog is http://misskatehate.tumblr.com/. I hope you will take the time to check them out.

Kate, I personally know how exciting you are as a dancer, but tell me, what are you like when you have sex?

I am really crazy in bed. I like being filthy, dirty, treated like a little slut, called names, slapped and choked. I also love the idea of guys jerking off to me, it’s a big turn on and the reason I got into the business in the first place.

Kate, I want to personally thank you for spending some time with me today at Exxxotica, you are a sweetheart. Is there anything you want to say to your fans or others in the industry as we wrap up?

Keep an eye out for my project with JM Darling in 2011 and come say hi to me on twitter! Thank you all for supporting me the last 8 years!

Taylor Trash

Taylor is fairly new to the industry, but is taking it by storm. This girl, is something else. She has a lovable personality, one who will keep you smiling and laughing at her comments and actions and has some fantastic, perky all natural 36D boobies. Taylor, brings her own uniqueness and creativity to the business and will grow very quickly. She is a fantastic dancer as I can attest to, from recently having a very hot and exciting lap dance from her. Taylor is one young lady that you will certainly want to keep in your radar as that is exactly what I am doing and look forward to more of her work.

Taylor, Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, what type of adult work you do and some of what you do when not working?

I am 20 years old from New Jersey. In addition to photo shoots, I work as an assistant for Exploited Teens. I have always watched porn and really enjoy it.

Right now, I am pretty much doing stills for my shoots and dance at DayDreams in Philadelphia. I work free lance and certainly want to make a career out of it. Shooting for BombShell Brats was awesome, they make you feel very comfortable during the entire time.

I love to shop, party and be home with my dogs. I am on Twitter @teetrash666, My Space www.myspace.com/teetrashbaby and you can find out more about me at http://www.modelmayhem.com/teetrashbaby

So tell me what you are like sexually?

Sexually, I am bedroom crazy. I love being choked, smacked and just love being fucked hard.

Taylor, you are a very hot and exciting young lady and I thank you for your time and sharing with me today about yourself.


Mia is as new as new can be to the adult industry. She is scheduled to do her very first shoot and it will be with BombShell Brats. She has a great body and was very enjoyable to talk with for a few minutes as she enters the business. She is one young lady, who I know everyone will be looking forward to seeing in some of her first work.

Mia, tell me a bit about yourself, you move into the adult industry and what you are like sexually?

I am 26 years old, originally from Germany, brand new, just got into it and plan to go with the flow on the type of work and nudes I will be doing. I am also looking into doing videos in my future. I enjoy photography, sports and my dogs. Sexually I am adventurous and very open minded.

Missy Starr

Missy is the owner of BombShell Brats and one of the sexy and exciting Brats herself. You can also find her on Twitter @Missy_Starr. She is a creative and exciting young lady that has put together a great site and enjoys delivering, hot photos of herself, in everything from basic poses to playing with butt plugs. I was able to spend time with her on her own shoots and alsofind out a little more about BombShell Brats and some of the great things that are planned.

As the owner of Bombshell Brats I do want to spend a few minutes on the site, but before we do that, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, how long you been in the adult industry and what you have done in it?

Well I’ve been involved in different aspects of the adult industry for almost three years now. I started off just modeling and have done so for various Alt-sites, which then led into working on some cam sites, which I still do now. But, more recently, over the last year or so, I’ve moved into a more administrative role. First by working as a model liaison for a now defunct site, then I moved into working for a cam site organizing their backend and dealing with the day to day actions involved within the site itself. All the while building content and piecing together the Bombshell Brats site a little at a time.

Besides working on Bombshell Brats, do you do any other industry work and what are some of your other outside interest?

Other than being on cam, there isn’t any other industry type work that I do at this time. I have been and continue to work with a lot of tattoo artists, clothing designers, bands, and clubs, for promotional work, advertising, and/or organizing parties/events.

How would you describe yourself sexually?

I would describe myself as a bi-sexual lesbian trapped in a female body… But wait… I guess that’s a good thing :)

Recently I reviewed BombShellBrats.com and was very impressed with the over all content. How did the site come about, who does your shoots, where are you currently at and what future plans to you have for it?

Well, it’s kind of a silly story. A few years ago Sean Abandoned and I were talking about things he really wanted to do. One of them was build a home recording studio as he is a musician among other things. The second was start a porn site, and since I am not a musician, porn was the obvious choice. We tried out a million different names till BombShell Brats popped out of my mouth, and it just stuck.

At this point in time Sean is our only photographer and does all of the shoots, this way we can get the opportunity to meet all the girls face to face. We may not be very community based on the site, but Jessie Lee said it best the last time we shot her, “It’s like a family”… And that’s exactly how we like it.

Currently we have just launched the site about a month ago and are hard at work editing a lot of back content and also mixing it with a bunch of new stuff. We have a lot of upgrades planned for the site in the near future. And I can’t wait till we make that leap to video!

I want to personally thank each of the ladies from Bombshell Brats for taking time to visit with me at Exxxotica NJ 2010.

I know you will enjoy these ladies as much as I did, through the BombShell Brats Web-Site and their other activities in the adult industry. Each is creative and unique in their own way and you can’t help but to love each and everyone of them. It was also great to be able to check out some of these ladies great assets. Thanks, Taylor Trash!

And It's Not Under The Hood Of The Car I Am Checking Out!

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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