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I just noticed before I submitted my review of "Barely Legal Biker Girls" that I submitted 69 reviews. 70 with Barely Legal added. Damn, it's funny. I can't believe I didn't notice that.

In either case, I'm enjoying the latest output of porn and I've been venturing deeper and deeper in vintage porn and realizing that only a few months without porn can really take you out of the loop. I'm a little saddened at the lack of variety, but nevertheless it's all good.

In either case, there have been some good pornos I've seen that didn't have the X-Critic stamp, one of which is Souperman, an hour long porno from the seventies about a naked guy with a long schlong who runs around in a cape fucking women super fast.

I was revieing porno trailers from Nikkatsu on my site and there's also a movie about a Japanese porno superhero who runs around in costume and shoves his nunchuks up the asses of potential rapists and fucks the victims as reward.

I've found the parodies to be much more fun than the actual movies themselves, and that's always a shocker. While Human Centipede was in fact one of the most talked about movies of 2010, I didn't enjoy it. It was boring as piss, so I want to see where Human Sexipede goes.

I got ahold of "The Big Lebowkis A XXX Parody" and it being one of my favorite movies of all time, I can't wait to see where the porno version goes. I mean it's The Dude boning people, that's just far out, man.

Enough rambling. Onward and upward I go.

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