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Krysta Kaos First Interview


Krysta Kaos First Interview

Newcomer, Krysta Kaos, actually came into my radar a little different than most other new comers in the business. Recently, I was at a BombShell Brats event and sitting across from me was this very exciting, beautiful and sexy young lady who I had never seen before. When I found out that she was a new to the adult industry, well I almost jump across the table at her! As we talked I was so impressed by her, that I had to find out more.

Later, that evening, I looked up everything I could find on her. I thought to myself, there is no way this little sweetheart is going back to California, before I get an interview with her. Even with her full schedule, she was able to fit me in on her last night in town, while doing a shoot for BombShell Brats. It worked out perfect for me and I got to see her naked in real life, which was a very nice treat.  I do want to thank Missy Star and Abandoned Graphiks of Bombsell Brats for helping out by letting me do Krysta Kaos' interview on their set.

Krysta, is a very different and exciting, young lady that has entered the business. She has a fun but unique personality. She, describes herself in her Twitter profile as a Alternative Deviant, Fetish Lover, Bondage Freak, Eccentric, Metaphysical, Mindfuck, Soul Stealer, Kinkster Model. She, certainly is all of this, but with it also comes a great attitude and a strong love and appreciation for life, her friends and her fans. I was totally impressed with her out look on the business and the work schedule she has committed herself too. When sitting across from her, oh yes, it is easily to be distracted by her beautiful body, but more so, I found myself getting lost deep inside her mystifying eyes. Krysta is one newcomer, I have instantly fallen in love with and as you learn more about her, I know you will too. This is her very first interview since entering the adult industry and XCritic and myself are honored to bring it to you. Regardless, if you are into alternative girls or not, you will love this little package of dynamite. Come join me and meet the beautiful, energetic and exciting, Krysta Kaos in her very first interview.

Krysta, you are fairly new to the industry. How long have you actually been in the business and how did it all come about for you?

I started in April, 2010, so seven months now. Honestly one of the main reasons was, I needed to generate income. My life had gotten to the point that I was actually living out of my car. I needed to do something. I new Rob Rotten, with Punk Productions, since I was eighteen, so that is pretty much were I got my start in porn.

I would like to talk about some of your photo shoots and what I have seen. First, Krysta your work is very strong and stands out from many of the others in the industry. I would summerize what I have seen of your work as being artistically creative. It is so unique and very erotic.

Why thank you. I do enjoy bringing different and unique themes and plan to incorporate many into my web-site. One thing, I am looking at doing is an all digital, 1920's porn in black and white. Even adding in the fading and scratching you would see in pictures from that era.

Your scenes have been very strong and exciting. Your, recent scene in "Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection", which is one of her newer releases, got an excellent XCritic review and OK, gave me very strong woody. Are you the same exciting sexual person in your private life as we see on screen.

Krysta Kaos In Her Scene From, "Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection"

I'm the same on or off screen. That is me who you see and nobody else. In addition to the scene in Joanna's movie, I have several out with Kink.com, which are epic. Would you like to see one of them.

At this point, we stopped the interview and sat down together and watched one of Krysta's, scenes on Kink.com. The scene was awesome, exhilarating and electrifying. There were these intense moments, but it was erotic and creative. You couldn't help but to be amazed, entranced and sexually excited at the same time. When she had an orgasm while being suspended, her body quivered, tensed up and her legs curled like there was no tomorrow. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have seen on screen in a very long time.

Krysta, In Her Scene For Kink.com On Deviced Bondage

Krysta, just now as we watched your scene, that was the first time I have ever watched a porn scene sitting right next to the young lady who was in the scene. Between the scene on the screen and then on top of that you sitting there, well I am sure you could easily tell the mega and I mean mega hard-on I had. Thank you so much for taking the time to do watch this with me. It was Awesome.

Well, Bill it was the first time I sat next to a "fan" and showed him a scene and loved it. I also enjoyed watching you "hide" and covering up yourself, hehe.

As you saw the excitement that I had in my face and pants watching you, it brings me to another question I like to ask many stars I interview. You know that guys are at home watching you in one of your scenes, they get aroused and in most cases are jerking off as they watch you. How do you react knowing that guys are jerking off to you on screen.

Krysta, With Her Favorite Lube

I think it's kind of funny, but funny and enjoyable in a good way. It also gives me a warm and tingling feeling inside, knowing I am getting guys off.

In your recent scene with James Deen, you performed a very strong and exciting anal segment. Was that the first time you even did anal on or off screen.

Krysta Kaos In Her Scene From, "Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection"

It was my first time on camera and James was great and fun to work with. Well, except when he came in my eye, when I asked him not too, LOL. It wasn't the very first time I had done anal. Like most, my first time in my private life was a bad experience. But, then I met a guy who did it right and made it very comfortable and now I really enjoy it.

Tell me, if you could create your own dream scene, what would it be about and who would you have in it?

With no question it would be with Draven. We would be stuck in an elevator with the world about to end and we would fuck like there was no tomorrow. Fisting and all.

Krysta Kaos During Her BombShell Brats Photo Shoot

What were you like growing up?

I did belly dancing, was a strait A student and graduated a year early. I was a big over achiever. I played soccer and always stuck to my guns, right or wrong. I was popular, but rebelish. Lost my virginity when I was eleven years old. Didn't drink much, but loved my weed.

What do you do with yourself when your not working?

Well, I seem to pretty much always be working, my schedule in constantly full.

We need to stop for a bit as, it seems they are ready for your shoot. I look forward to watching your shoot.

Krysta Kaos With Sean Abandoned Of Abandoned Graphiks During Her BombShell Brats Shoot

After watching your shoot just now for bombshellbrats.com you are amazing in your poses. But not only your poses, you have a fantastic body, every part of it and I really love your sweet boobies. May I?

Bill, Of course you may.

You also have these sweet button nipples that are slightly puffy and pierced. I'll bet they are very suckable.

Well, Bill why don't you go ahead and find out for yourself. I think you will find what you said is true and you will enjoy them.

Thank you Krysta, I can now die a happy man :)

Tell me a little more on your alternative lifestyle. Where do you place your self in it today.

I am more of a switch right now, but will more than likely end up dominate. I love being dominate and I love fisting my bitches, but I also enjoy submitting just as much.

Krysta, are there any events, web-sites or upcoming dvds you would like to mention.

Of course there are my scenes on Kink.com, be sure to watch for the release of Scurvy Girls 3, by Loaded Digital and the shoot I just did today on http://www.bombshellbrats.com/. My blog site is http://blog.krystakaos.com// There is my clips for sale store at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/41063 and I am on Twitter @KrystaKaos. My Amazon wish list is http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/1CCEA22XF0QJ6. I have lot's of upcoming shoots, so keep you eye out for them.

As we wrap up, is there anything you would like to say to your fans and those who will become your fans.

I Love You! I want my fans to be happy and to let me know what they want to see me do. I love to please and thanks you all.

Well, Krysta, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit with me and your fans. You are a sweetheart and very exciting. I look forward to seeing many more great scenes from you and look forward to meeting up with you many times more during your exciting career.

Thank you for be interested in my work and well me =], it was an absolute pleasure Bill

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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