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Things that start with P


Not the Scarlet Letter. 

Porn loves Parody. 
I love prose.

Actually I love porn too. And Philadelphia, and philanthropy, and p@#*s and well... you get the idea.. 

And while I can't wait to tell you all about pole-dancing and private parts, and plenty more, I am going to be a sneaky little vixen and sneak in some actual political commentary in honor of that little election thing that just passed a day or so ago...

But yes, I'll make sure more time is spend on poles, privates, and Phuilly Cheesesteak than anything too painful like political pontification from some pseudo-bully-pulpit-o-porn... :p

So let's get into things... 

Pole-Dancing in Philly :: I spent several days in the City of Brotherly Love as I made my feature dancing debut at the Oasis Gentlemen's Club in Philadelphia. The club was incredible and had me plenty excited as I was lifted from the stage to walk around the bar by some of the hottest bouncer boys and east coast eye candy that I have seen in some time. Getting all hot and sweaty on stage and working myself up prior to getting up close and personal with all the fans around the bar was definitelty not an experience I am soon to forget. And when you add in the additional thrills of all the historic places in Philly, the great sports during my visit (Phillies in the playoffs, UFC on Saturday) it was definitely marked down among the places I will be returning in the not too distant future.

Did I mention I love Philly boys? And the cheesesteaks? And the museums and architecture had me nearly as wet as the brawny biceps of bouncer boys???? Hmmm... okay, just wanted to make sure. 

Oh, politics and privacy. Consider this your Raven sponsored Public Service Announcement of the day. 
Privacy is good. Some go so far as to claim it is a personal right. Jurisprudence aside, and legality notwithstanding, most folks should be a wee bit concerned with the proliferation of technology that makes it possible for politicians and pseudo-governmental agents to produce what might be considered pornographic pictures of the people of the populace for simply proceeding through an airport to board a plane. What am I speaking of you ask? Why, the new Advanced Imaging Technology scanners being put into place by the TSA. Now, all members of society can become porn stars, just like me! Never mind the fact that it might very well be without their knowledge or consent. Were I to be as cynical or as libertarian as some I know, I might suggest that some of my still under contract friends have their people contact TSA for royalties on the images while suggesting that the Attorney General might want to look into what I hear are non-existent 2257 docs of all the passengers playing naked in the scanners mandated by some derivative of the Patriot Act or its brethren. 
Anyway, that concludes this test of the patriotic public service announcement of Ranting and Raven. You may carry on as you were... 
Porn, penis, and p@$$y :: See plenty of these things on my great member site at RavenAlexis.com. 
Or check them out in the smoldering hot release of my newest DVD Nymphomaniac here: http://www.digitalplayground.com or http://www.nevermorenaughty.com 
And I think that is most everything people. 
P-Words or Parody, Porn, Pleasure, and Panache. 
Peace Out!

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