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Party At Rick’s August 18,2010 With Savanna Samson


On Wednesday August 18th  over at  Rick's Cabaret,  Vivid Entertainment hosted a party for Vivid Girl Savanna Samson who was  promoting her  most  recent  feature  the Devil in Miss  Jones: Resurrection as  well  as the  launch of   Songo  Tre , the  third in her  wine  label. Savanna's wine have received rave reviews from   the  wine industry as  well as the local press. That night Savanna posed with the ladies of Rick's and signed copies of her movie The  Devil in Miss Jones Resurrection for the  invited guests.

Also  joining me that  night was XBiz freelancer  reviewer/writer Rob Perez who  thoroughly  enjoyed  watching me  turn  all shades of  red as   I got  two lap dances  from  two of the  very  beautiful ladies. Don't worry I took pictures!And wll post  them on here as well for all too see.

For more information on   Savanna's  wine  label  you can  log on to http://www.savannawine.com/ and you  can  visit http://www.vivid.com/  to  see trailers of  all Savanna's movies. You can  also check out her personal  website http://www.clubsavanna.com/ . You can follow  Savanna Samson on  twitter www.twitter.com/therealsavanna . Thank you Vivid and  Savanna for a wonderful evening!

P.S.  To Vivid/Savanna:

Sorry  it  took me  over a month  to get this  done! Thank You  Again  for  always   keeping me in the  loop.

Savanna Signing DVD


              Songo Tre and The Devil and Miss  Jones The Resurrection



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