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The Future of Reality Media


Well, the changes that have happened since my last XCritic.com blog - things have been crazy. As many of you may have already seen, my company, Raven Alexis Productions, did a massive multiple site launch this week, starting on Labor Day, the 6th.

In conceiving the redesign of my flagship site, www.ravenalexis.com, as well as the launch of my new endeavors, I thought long and hard about the purpose and the message that I was attempting to convey. In crafting the concept of "The Future of Reality Media", I felt it imperative to step back, re-evaluate, and truly consider technology and content before rushing ahead blindly simply for the sake of being the first or the fastest. 
The new sites will integrate the latest in technology, as well as keeping aesthetics, user friendliness and fan interaction at the forefront of importance, while at the same time, pioneering the Future of Reality Media, and in so doing, change the way people view sexuality in the media. Adult film, or what is commonly referred to as porn, smut, or some other inaccurate descriptor no longer needs to remain a dark and cornered off portion of society that is simply a remnant of our puritanical roots. History has shown the error in witch trials, book burnings, the earth centered universe and the denial of women and minorities certain unalienable rights.
The launching of these new sites is simply the first in a litany of steps towards forcing the present to confront the past and demonstrate that human sexuality is a healthy, beautiful, and wholly normal experience for humankind. 
 With that said, here is a short rundown of the sites: 
RavenAlexis.com :: This is the "Original Flagship" website of the Raven Alexis Productions Brand. Here you will see the "Future of Reality Media" and my day to day life behind the scenes as an "adult actress" and how it varies pretty significantly from what one might expect. From a BBQ with friends to a BJ with my hubby, the life behind the script is everything from sensual, to sexual, to sometimes shameless, and I hope to show you that reality can be every bit as hot and erotic as one chooses to make it. 
NevermoreNaughty.com :: While RavenAlexis.com is the membership site that gives you access to the "Real Raven" on a daily basis, NevermoreNaughty.com is our eCommerce enabled store where you can purchase my DVDs as well as apparel, novelties, toys and more offered by RAP and select other vendors. 
 RavenAlexisProductions.com :: After you have gotten to see and know more about me, and have browsed the DVDs and adult goodies from NevermoreNaughty, you can visit Raven Alexis Productions to get even more information about myself and the company I keep. RavenAlexisProductions.com is your one stop for the business side of Raven Alexis and on the site we feature press releases, opinion pieces, commentary on various contests and philanthropic efforts, my blogs, upcoming events, and anything and everything Raven that isn't on one of our other sites. 
RavenAlexisCash.com :: And finally, at Raven Alexis Cash we offer those who share our affinity for incorporating the positive and healthy of sexuality the ability to help us spread the message while earning commissions and referral bonuses for the effort. RavenAlexisCash.com is the affiliate and webmaster referral program offered by RavenAlexisProductions.com

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