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Easy Speaking At The Exxxtacy Kick Off Party At The Pink Monkey Chicago


The official "kick off" party for the Exxxtacy 2010 show in Chicago was held at the Pink Monkey Gentlemen's Club in downtown Chicago last night.

We were picked up by the Pink Monkey Shuttle Bus, Limo, Stripper Ride, or whatever it's being called these days. I had no idea that the Pink Monkey Club was a BYOB club and judging by the people in the limo with us no one in our group did either.

We stopped at a liquor store inside Dominick's. Dominick's is a local main stay for grocery stores in the Chicago area. Everyone picked up a bottle of something or a six pack of beer, or whatever they wanted.

We go to the Pink Monkey and unloaded, there were no hassles at the door and Bobby the GM of the club had a "Whatever you want or need attitude" which made the night go by smoothly.

One of the first things you will notice when you go to the Pink Monkey in Chicago is that fact that it looks just like a high class speakeasy from the old days of Chicago. It was really nice how they had it decorated yet left the history of the building intact.

Our mission of the night was to meet all of the very, very beautiful dancers they had at the club and I believe we did almost that. A bunch of the girls will be at the Exxxtacy Show this weekend as the club has a huge booth area for the fans to hang out in at the show.

We had a bevy of adult stars in the room with us all night so our VIP area was a fun one to say the least. A lot of the young dancers at the Pink Monkey wanted to sit at the table with legendary performer Ginger Lynn and she accommodated every one of them.  Another table had Sunny Leone and Dirty, the people from a webcam sight that I just hung out with in Los Angeles 5 days earlier.

A crew from BenWa Adult Toys was there passing out dildo gift bags, everybody got one, even the guys. Not sure if they brought them home to their wives or not but they left the building with them.

Sea J Raw was the feature dancer scheduled to perform on the Pink Monkey stage and around midnight we kicked off the first stage show, Sea J come out in a dominatrix outfit and did a great job dancing cumulating with pouring wax on her naked breasts at the end of the show.

Then I went and hung out with XXX Superstar Angelina Armani who looked great while hanging out in the VIP area.

Everyone was great, I met some new friends and someone was there from the local Chicago entertainment sites to record it all. Today we head over to the Exxxtacy Show 2010 for the very first time. We will see how it goes and tell you all about it....... Bring on the Fans...

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