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growing UP


Holy cow, another year has gone by?? What?? It feels like just   
yesterday I was driving up with my Dad from beautiful San Diego, to   
disgusting LA with my mattress and Carmen Electra stripper pole in the   
back of the truck... And here I am with my kitties that are suddenly   
much bigger, and even more lazy, (finally) a couch, and head/footboard, and slowly gaining my first set of furniture... kind of makes you sad when you think   
about how fast time flys...The people who have come in and out of your   
life, the people who won't leave your life, the ones we lost, we loved   
and learned-hopefully, but I guess we shouldn't forget about the ones   
you've found, and the ones who are becoming closer to your heart. 

Thinking of what you've gained makes you not miss the past so much,   
first thing that comes to mind is my AMAZING upgrade to a much better   
pole. This one.. I don't fall off when I jump on it and send me flying into the   
wall... This one ..is sturdy and strong. It's only in two pieces (not 3-   
no offence to Carmens attempt though lol ) This one.. you can make   
spinny or straight, and it's bolted in the celing and ain't goin   
nowhere.. But now it's time to move on, and most importantly move up.  

As much as I love San Diego I won't move back :( ... It's a reminder   
of being stuck in the past, it's like a hole that'll suck you in. I   
won't go back to life like that anymore, I don't want to be   
comfortable. Comfortable is boring, "been there done that, see ya pympin"... on to the next one. I don't understand people who have lived in the same place   
all their lives. It creates too much of an   
emotional attachment, I don't see the point or how people can grow if   
they don't get out and see the world. Take the chance to fall flat on your ass, get a little scuffed up. You learn things about yourself   
you could never of never known if you don't take the world by it's balls and make it   
scream like a little girl. 

 xoxox Ry 

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