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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


And did I ever have fun the last couple of weeks! I knew there was a reason that I signed with Digital Playground, and lately, I've been getting to work a lot with the two best reasons, Jesse Jane and Riley Steele. Those two girls are so re-damn-diculously hot that it makes my head spin! Well, it does other things to me too, I'm sure you can let your imagination go wild! :) 

Other fun things happened to me while on my way over to Los Angeles to film with the two blonde bombshells. I was just walking along in the airport, perusing the fine shops and eating establishments, when I happened to see a copy of Cheri, and myself, staring at me from the magazine racks. I could hardly contain my excitement as I tried to capture a picture of it with my cellphone, but then realized that there were two or three people looking at me in a really odd way, and I quickly walked by, acting as if I never saw anything at all. 
I would have stayed longer in Los Angeles and gone to dinner and frozen yogurt and the mall with the girls,  but instead, I had to make my way back to Vegas. Important tasks, such as raiding on WoW, returning books to the library, and grocery shopping, were waiting for me. Bon voyage LA, till next time! 

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