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Recap of the Skylar Neil golf tournament fundraiser


This was my 5th or 6th year going to the Skylar Neil golf tournament to sponsor an Evil Angel tee tent.

The night before, I gathered up DVDs from our warehouse that featured Bobbi Starr, Sophie Dee and Kelly Divine for them to give to the golfers as they would come through the course. All 3 of the girls have worked for the company a lot, and we even have one movie that all 3 are in - Buttman's Evil Live.

The group organizers were nice enough to assign me a golf cart to use for the day so I didn't have to depend on waiting for people to come and get me when it was time to go to the clubhouse.

The day started off with a group picture of all the girls and Vince Neil. Then there was an auction for Penthouse Pet Taylor Vixen to be a caddy for the day.

Overall, there's lots of free alcohol throughout the course, so throughout the day, the majority of the guys get pretty drunk. Mostly it's just amusing to watch. Someone had brought a tour bus, which was in the parking lot, and at some point during the day, someone arrived in a helicopter, but we didn't find out who it was.

One of the golfers was an actor who's been in a bunch I've seen, including a blockbuster release from 2009. He was really nice. In fact, his whole foursome was really nice. They were one of the few groups that seemed like they weren't drinking alcohol at all.

I'm afraid that Sophie's shoulders got kind of sunburned. Kelly's might have too, but her skin seems darker, so she might have fared better afterwards.

Thanks again to Kelly, Sophie and Bobbi for joining me at the golf event.
Here's their twitter accounts:




and the Evil Angel twitter:


Sophie Dee, Kelly Divine and Bobbi Starr

During the day some golfers asked if any of the girls wanted to hit a golf ball. Bobbi tried a few times. This was one of the very first times of the day, before someone taught her to straighten her front elbow. BTW - she's left handed, so kudos to her for trying a right-handed club.

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