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What’s Your Favorite Toy?


always interesting to hear about all the objects people use to get
off. When you're younger you do not always have access to toys so
you use your fingers and then you realize that there should be
something even more phallic inside of you. It only feels natural,
right? You look around the room. Hmmmm... what could I use? At this
point I can only speak for myself but I'm sure all kinds of things
have been used for pleasure. When I was younger I remember grabbing a
comb and thinking that the handle would work perfect! It was smooth
and round so I ran into the bathroom, washed it off and ran back to
my bedroom to test the new toy. It worked so much better than humping
a pillow. I guess that's when I learned that I love a rock hard

I was a late bloomer with toys but I didn't have my first dildo
until I was a junior in high school. One day I had parked my vehicle
at the grocery store and got out and saw a one dollar bill on the
ground but when I went to grab the bill I saw it was a one-hundred
dollar bill! I couldn't believe it and I decided immediately that I
would use my sisters ID (because you have to be eighteen to buy a sex
toy) and spend the money on my first dildo. At that time sex toys
were quite a bit more expensive than they are now and I was also in a
small town so there was only one sex store. I think I paid eighty
bucks for my average sized cock. It was a deep purple color, rubber
and ribbed. It also vibrated at various speeds. I was so excited and
I couldn't wait to use it!

time I have learned what toys I love and which ones I really don't
like and I have probably tried almost everything in the process.
Strap-ons are awesome. It gives women a chance to change roles and be
extremely dominate and they are great to use on a guy or girl. Men
these days love ass play. I also can't forget to mention the famous
Hitachi "back massager." That thing is so strong it can quite
possibly destroy your clit and, believe me, I have practically
destroyed my own with the Hitachi but who can deny ten orgasms in two

recently got the opportunity to work with another popular novelty,
the Sybian. That thing rode me like a vibrating bull and it shook
everything from my toes to my brains and, yes, it made me orgasm
many, many times. Ken Marcus has it on video so hopefully everyone
will get the opportunity to check it out one day. One more popular
toy I will talk about is The Rabbit. I actually received a Rabbit as
a gift from a customer of mine at a club I danced at. Great gift, by
the way, for anyone needing ideas. I'm not normally into the
multiple functioning toys but I used it one time and that silly
little rabbit hit my g-spot so dead on I was like, "holy shit, I
love this rabbit!" but after some time I broke it because my pc
muscles are too strong and the thing stopped rotating. Maybe I'll
add one to my Amazon wish list.

I love to just have natural sex. It's really arousing when someone
can make you cum with just their tongue, fingers or whatever but I
can't deny that toys are fun. Toys can bring something new to a
relationship and toys can also allow people to explore different
areas of their, and their partners body. Playing with toys is an
awesome way to find out what you love and after all these years I
would have to say that my favorite way to masturbate is with a fat
dildo in my pussy, a bullet on my clit and a butt plug in my ass, all
at the same time.

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