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Hi Everyone!  I've been super busy this week - I had a photo shoot yesterday with a documentary crew trailing me and I'm on the set of Not M*A*S*H XXX today but I didn't want to neglect you.  This blog is for my fans, short and tall, big and small, and every one in between.. 

I have a lot of people interview me for magazines but it's not too
often that my fans can ask me questions in a public forum so I thought I would answer
some of their questions!

you have a no list of performers to work with? If so, why are they on
the no list? You don't have to name them.

don't actually have a no list right now. I'm so new to the
industry, I am still trying to figure out who I love to work with.
Basically, for me to not want to work with someone they would have to
be very disrespectful and I haven't met anyone like that yet.

are your favorite hobbies?

I enjoy working out. It keeps my head clear. I travel a lot so I
don't have a lot of time to do hobbies but I love music and would
love to pick up playing the trumpet and piano again.

you weren't a model, what would you be doing today?

I would probably still be dancing around the U.S. showing off my
groove thang. I also would be trying to figure out what I wanted to
do with school. Although I still would like to take some courses at
the university I am going to focus on my career for now.

makes you smile the most?

don't get to spend a lot of time with my good friends so when I do
get a chance I'm all smiles! I know it sounds sappy but I love
spending time with people I care about. Of course getting fucked
really good makes me smile too ;)

you ever had sex with someone you met at the club? or almost? (Give
us at least a brief summary)

shit there have been so many times I have wanted to take someone home
with me. When you're dancing and you are really into it you get
really aroused and it's so erotic sometimes. I love it. The truth
is I haven't actually taken someone home with me and just banged
them. Sometimes a fantasy is best left as just that. I would hate
to go home with someone and be disappointed. It would ruin it for
everyone else.

does a normal guy date a porn star?

can't speak for all the other porn stars but I personally would
prefer a normal guy. It is hard being in this industry to meet
normal, everyday guys but its not impossible!

you actually enjoy the sex when you are doing a scene?

love having sex in my scenes. I don't do this just for the money. I
do it because I have so much fun doing it and after a scene I am
actually more aroused!

you like giving blow jobs?

love giving blow jobs! And I'm not just saying that. Giving oral
sex is the best way to get me aroused. I love hard cock, especially
when I feel it growing in my mouth.

there you have it. Just a few questions that my fans wanted to know.
If anyone has anymore visit any of my social pages and feel free to

to all my fans*

Chanel Preston

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