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Hello Los Angeles!!!!!


Chanel Preston Nude

L.A.! I just flew in the other night and I am in Anaheim with my
sister at a coffee convention. I'm in coffee heaven. I mentioned in
an earlier blog that I try not to drink coffee while in Hawaii so I
can drinks tons of it while in L.A. and this is the perfect way to
start my trip. Every morning we have woken up and walked like zombies
to the convention center and had endless amounts of free cups of the
best coffee you've ever had. Besides the guys in the booths trying
to sell me vegan-carob bars, I've had a pretty good time.

am going to start shooting on Monday and I am anxious to be busy for
the next two weeks. I'm flying to Miami on Wednesday to shoot for
Brazzers so I get to go cross country for just a moment. I'd rather
not get on another airplane but I have never been to Miami so I'm
happy to go over there and check it out. I'll let everyone know how
I liked it. As for the rest of my stay I will definitely be keeping
everyone updated but I'm always doing fun stuff all day so if you
want to know what I'm doing right now make sure you check me out on
any of my social pages!



is a pic that my friend, Blayne Uto, took during a photo shoot with
Bob Coello. I had a full day of being naked on the north shore of
Oahu right before I left. It was amazing!

Chanel Preston

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