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Chanel Preston Fantasies

love sex fantasies! They are so intriguing to me and I am always
interested to know what people's fantasies are. You just never know
what people like. The nerd sitting next to you in class might love
latex and the person checking you into a hotel room might go to their
BDSM dungeon after work. Whatever it is, you know everyone has a
freak flag! I'll bet the people who deny fantasies probably haven't
explored the corners of their mind.

I find out someone's fantasy I'm always curious as to why they
like that. It's a sex mystery! I feel as along as we aren't hurting
anyone we should make every effort to fulfill our fantasies. I am so
happy to have discovered my own and I would love if people wrote to
me on Myspace or Facebook and told me what their fantasies are and

Chanel Preston Sex

probably wondering what my fantasies are and if anyone has read any
of my interviews they will know that I have a bi-sexual man fetish. I
haven't always known I liked this. I guess as I get older I meet
more people that are comfortable with their sexuality and that
confidence is so hot! When I meet a guy that seems like a typical
straight guy and I find out he's bi-sexual it is a huge turn on for
me. Probably because it's not expected. I love when a guy is open
to sex and just wants to simply feel good. I never want to be in the
middle of group sex and have to think about rules and restrictions
that could stem from our rigid sexual preferences.

love when men are free in this way because it's not as common to
have men being open to sex with either gender as it is for women. I
met a guy one time, he told me he always slept with men and women but
he did not consider himself gay because he couldn't stand the
thought of kissing a guy and being emotionally intimate or in a
relationship with one. He understood when he had sex it was just
that...sex! So, I took him home and had an amazing threesome!

also fantasize about women as well. I love the whole
"Teacher/Student" scenario and I love the thought of being
the teacher that seduces her young college student. Generally I
prefer to be dominated by men but when I'm with a women it's
completely different. Because I am not a teacher I act out these
fantasies in my scenes so I always look forward to working with a
great girl that can satisfy my dominating nature with women.
Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these kinds of scenes in the

-XOXO Chanel Preston

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