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Good News!!!!



Chanel Preston on The Beach

woke up this morning and had my Yerba Mate. I drink so much coffee
while I'm in L.A. so for some peace of mind I kick my caffeine
habit and drink Some South American tea when in Hawaii. I can't
wait to be back in L.A. and build my relationship with Starbucks

also received some exciting news this week. I am going to be the
trophy girl for the 2010 XRCO Award Show! I would practice but I
already look sexy walking around in a little dress and heels but
maybe I can practice handing my friends little pretend trophies, lol.
I can't wait because I love to play dress up and I love to look
amazing and what girl doesn't like to shop for new shoes. I'll be
sure to wow everyone with my whole ensemble.

headed to the gym in a bit (a good body is a must for the ensemble)
and I'm anxious to get started on all my Chanel Preston activities.
I l have lots of things to do before my next trip to L.A. so I better
get started.

-XOChanel Preston

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