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I remember when Naughty America first starting shooting porn in LA. They were an internet porn company, at the time very few people were shooting "internet porn" , Naughty was ahead of their time and one of the companies launching porn on to your computer!

My 1st shoot for Naughty America was "Naughty Office" with Scott Nails.
My agent at the time was Mark Spiegler accompanied me to the shoot to
check Naughty out since they were the new kid in porn ville.

"Naughty Office" with Scott Nails

 I got myself in a tight situation after telling Scott to "Get the fuck out of my office"

Since then I've shot "Naughty Neighbor" and "Naughty Nanny"both are just as steamy as the 1st shoot I had with them. Naughty was
ahead of the game back then they are still ahead now. Naughty continues
to bring you the hottest girls in porn, but now we can talk and
masturbate live to and with you in your face!

"Naughty Neighbor"

My neighbor came over and I told him that I saw him "in me"> I mean my future.

"Naughty Nanny"

I was very good at being a very naughty nanny even wrote a little about it in my scene ;)

What I LOVE about Naughty America- they have real life scenarios!
Before porn I had sex on my desk at work, wanted to have sex with one
of my neighbors but was way too shy, and who the hell doesn't want to
bang the baby sitter or nanny?

Live Cam with Porn Star interaction shows- its the new pink and its daily at Naughty America!
I go live with Naughty about once a month. The fact that I'm live
streaming in your face is cool, but what's really awesome is that you
can "talk" well type at me and I'll respond! I start my day out with "Live with Lauren"we chat about what's new with me, projects I've been working on, and
give you a little tease of what shows I'll be doing while I'm in
"Naughty Land" for the day.




Getting ready for "Live with Lauren" 

Photo 594

 LIVE Naughty Secretary


 LIVE Naughty Gym cam


 LIVE Naughty Nurse


and there's also "Live Party Girl" and "School Girl" if you missed my last Live School Girl you'll have to go to my profile and see how many licks it took for me to get the the center of my tootsie pop ;-)   click here for My Naughty America Profile 

So the next time you see that I'm going to be "LIVE" on Naughty America "Cum and get your chat on while you tell me where to shove it!"



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