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Too many apps, too little time


Well, apparently having 2 movies come out in one month, plus filming for my own sites, as well as for Digital Playground, isn't enough to keep someone like me busy! Not only have I been doing mad promotion and interviews for our upcoming film, "Fly Girls", which streets tomorrow, February 16, but I've also been practicing the pole dancing thing almost every day, finding time to play WoW, and I'm going in to get porcelain veneers on Thursday! A whole new mouth with which to suck dick! Now, a lot of girls probably wouldn't talk about going in to get veneers - it's not a completely cosmetic thing, because I did need a lot of other work done as well, but I think it's so cool that I'm getting a whole new smile. I find a person's smile to be one of the most beautiful and sexy things on their body - so I'll be very happy to post up pics of my new pearly white smile for everyone to see!

I was also very excited to watch G4's coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas - it aired last night and 10 PM, and I got to watch it from front to back. I was on there quite a bit, and if you get a chance to catch a reairing of it, I would highly recommend it. I was wearing a very hot pink and black latex two piece outfit, so you can't miss me! I even got to flirt with Blair Herter!!!

So I'm just going to state this on public forum - so that everyone knows and hopefully this happens in the very near future. I want to do a shoot with Kayden Kross, and I want to do it soon! She is so damn hot, sweet, intelligent, and I absolutely love her blogs on here, especially the ones that talk about her love of books. It gets me wet just from her rattling off her book collection! Anyways, hopefully very soon, my head will be ensconced between her thighs, and I can come back and report how amazing the experience was. I know it will be unlike anything else I've ever experienced with a girl!

Now that we got that out of the way, we can talk about something just as equally important. I used my iPhone to solve a really important problem today - what the fuck holiday was this that crept up on me out of nowhere? I try to go to the bank, and after jerking violently on the door for a while, I realize that there must be a reason that they are closed on a Monday. So I download an app on my iPhone to figure out which holiday it is. I mean, Valentine's Day was yesterday, how could there be another one coming up so quickly? Well, the app told me everything I needed to know, and some things I didn't need to know, including, when Boy Scout Day is, as well as International Women's Day and the Vernal Equinox. It's amazing just how many apps are on the iPhone these days - no wonder the minute I'm without my phone, I feel like my life partner is gone. I'm pretty sure if I wanted to I could probably do almost do every function of life on my iPhone - kind of like that guy that never left his house for one year, and did everything on the internet. I almost want to challenge myself to get rid of my phone for a few weeks, just so I could learn to live without it. Well, that's a good idea in concept, but fuck that. I would never actually do it, LOL.

Well, I'm going to go download some more apps now, and talk to all my fans on Twitter. Feel free to feed my technology addiction by sending me email or twitter messages - just to guarantee that I'll never get off my phone!


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