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Stoya vs. The Facebook


Maaaan, the weather has been so whack for so long that I've started to run out of negative words in my working vocabulary and am resorting to early 90s slang to describe it.

The most annoying part of Snowpocalypse 2010 is that the internet keeps going in and out. I can absolutely deal without power and heat, but keep me from checking my email for more than a day and panic sets in. Which brings us to Facebook.

When Facebook first launched it was exclusively for Harvard students, an interesting but very marginal blip on the radar of social networking websites. As it began to grow and expand it targeted high school students and young teens first. Does this kind of community sound like a priority for a girl whose main job is being naked on the internet? It's one thing to put my nipples and lady-parts on the web, it's another thing to put them on the web in places that cater specifically to minors. Facebook got filed under "things I'll probably never think about again"  and forgotten.

In 2008, just as I was beginning to realize that this hardcore porn company I had signed with was  kind of  absolutely a big huge deal, Facebook was busily overtaking Myspace in terms of global usage. I revisited the idea of registering, but they weren't yet accommodating public personas with single names. Twitter was much friendlier and interesting.

Now that one can create profiles for public entities and everyone and their mother has felt the need to pontificate on why it's hurting my brand not to have an official one, Facebook has once again popped up as a potential item on my to-do list. So I built one... as a business account. As I was uploading pictures and trying to navigate its ''new, simplified home page'' I was asked for my last name. Somehow this turned my business account into a user profile, which cannot be undone. LAME.

I totally get that Myspace is dying or possibly already dead. I get that Twitter is a completely different animal as far as social networking sites go. I get that Facebook is the new standard hangout on teh intarwebz. I also get that it can't last forever, and its user interface is a HUGE pain in the rear. If I want to spend time and energy building another small corner of the internet devoted to promoting "Stoya" there have to be other options with more longevity available...

But until I find them, I'll be here, at my keyboard, struggling with Facebook and grumbling the whole time.

Oh, and just to make Chris Thorne happy, here's a (grumble grumble crankypants) marginally related picture:


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