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Cece Stone Interview


Cece Stone

The phrase "looks can be deceiving" can best describe Cece Stone. At first glance, she looks like your ordinary girl next door type. However, once you put her on an adult set, a porn director's "dream come true" appears. Cece has an adventurous, sexual appetite that lends her to extreme types of behavior such as BDSM and gang bangs. It is important to note that there is nothing fake about her which is very refreshing. It's her sincere genuineness that will solidify Cece as a mainstay in this industry for a long time. Films such as Gag Factor 28, White Trash XXX Games, and Whack Jobs 5 are just the beginning. I am honored to have interviewed this adorable lady and to say that I knew her "when."

Hi Cece, you are a breath of fresh air to the industry. How long have you been in the industry, what have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

First off, Thank you very much! It's always a pleasure! I've been involved in the industry since Feb of '08, but I haven't worked fully in the industry the entire time.

My most pleasurable moments come when I work with people that make this industry fun! I love working with super hot talent & outgoing staff. I don't want to name any specific people because there are just way too many awesome people that have made my time in this industry phenomenal. My least pleasurable moments are when I work with jaded, critical, degrading, condescending or bitter people who no longer enjoy this industry & bring whatever personal issues they have to work & displace their estranged emotions toward the wrong people.

How did you get into the adult industry?

I wanted to do something I liked & be somewhere I really enjoyed. I loved sex & masturbating, and I also really enjoy warm weather & pretty places. After suffering many long years of freezing weather & working many dead end minimum waged jobs, I'd had enough & joked with my friends that I was gonna run off & do porn. It seemed like an obvious answer. So one day, I researched online about the adult industry & the next day I called a talent agent. That talent agent said they would fly me out & put me up in a place. A couple hours after speaking to that talent agent, my roommate & I got into a fight & she kicked me out of house. I felt like that was a sign to try it out. I've been through a lot in the previous years prior to porn & lost everything I'd ever had, including much of family. It was an easy choice for me, considering I had nothing else left to lose. The only people to judge me, would be myself & my friends. My friends support me, no matter what I do. My choice was Florida or L.A. and I had only been to Florida once when I was 13 & I'd been to L.A. twice. Florida was the obvious winner to start. So 3 days after I left my ex roommates house I was on a plane to FL from Kansas. It was 10 degrees when I left & 77 when I arrived. I thought to myself this place is too beautiful to go back home.

You have been working as the seductress of younger talent or a Milf as the industry would label it. How do you enjoy getting those types of roles and being called a Cougar?

I don't know if any one would necessarily call me a cougar. Most often people are perplexed by why I'm casted as a milf. Considering I'm 31 yet look 23. Under true definition I am a Milf! I HAVE birthed a child. Unfortunately, I think people see an age & have to put a label on it. I actually love being a MILF. I VERY MUCH enjoy young fruitful men that have lots of sexual eagerness. It turns me on!!! I can't wait to get older. I've learned so much & I don't even feel like I've reached my peak. I feel like I still have alot of room for improvement & think I'll be even more sexy with time!

You have remarkable sexual chemistry with both men and women. Those qualities are spotlighted in movies such as Ass Delivery 2 and Women Seeking Women 56. What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I could go on about this all day! For me, having sexual chemistry with someone involves more than just appearance or physical attraction. It's about attitude or mentality. I strongly believe everyone has a beautiful side, it just needs to be spotlighted in some way. Everyone has something that makes them special. Part of my seduction includes finding out what that is. It's like a mystery I have the ultimate desire to solve. Being a woman, I know what I look for from others so I genuinely try to show that same respect to other women. A more sensual in depth kind of love. I love how strong women really are, yet so incredibly beautiful & soft they can be. I love contradictions & women are one. I love their sensuality, strength, compassion, & sweetness. What makes a woman or man sexy is the way they carry themselves & how they treat others. Confidence is a good thing, but I do not like cockiness or the "me" syndrome. Being aware of who you are is sexy, but boasting about what you have is a turn off. With men, I love their hot muscular sculpted bodies, their great cocks & just how fucking handsome they can be. Weird quality, but I am turned on by the strange youthful immaturity a man tends to have in his behavior, I like boys that are ornery. Maybe its that bad boys thing. I like a man that uses his hands in his work. Gosh, really I could go on & on about what makes people sexy, but I'm getting too horny thinking about it all. Break time gotta go rub one out before I finish this interview.

Another two qualities that are fast becoming very noticeable among industry insiders and your fans are your incredible BDSM work and enthusiasm for gang bangs. What is running through your mind when you prepare for these types of scenes? How is it different for you in getting pleasured during these types of extreme scenes as compared to a regular Boy/Girl or Girl/Girl performance?

I love pushing myself to the limit, trying new things & learning. I love the feeling of nervousness, like butterflies in my stomach. The BDSM world allows me to really push the envelope. I can open up & play any character that doesn't really fit in normal life. It allows me to be that crazy bitch I always knew I was but had to hide to be a part of normal society. Now the real me can come out to play. My enthusiasm for gang bangs comes with the new territory. I now feel more comfortable with one on one scenes that I want to experience more than one partner. We all change with time right? Why not grow & expand, if you know what I mean!

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc.) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?

There are a LARGE number of Talent & directors I would love to work with! I have a huge girl crush on Tori Black & would love the opportunity to seduce her. I love my girls Victoria Lawson, Ruby Knox, and Charley Chase all so naturally super sexy. They have that good girl look, but bad girl charm that really gets me going. I've never worked with Johnny Sins, Mr Pete, and Rocco Reed, but I would also love the chance to work with Alan Stafford & Joey Brass again. All those boys are so chiseled it's ridiculous it makes me sweat with anticipation of their hard cocks. Last but not least, Evan Stone he's your ultimate classic character. We could be "The Stones". Maybe do a Flinstones parody, lol.

There are many companies I would love to work with but have not had the opportunity. I do have a few random ideas I would like to do. I would love to do a parody of the Wonder Years considering everyone told me I looked like Winnie Cooper growing up. Or of course a parody of The Wizard of Oz since everyone tells me I'm not in Kansas anymore. I would also like to be casted for more Asian roles considering I am Asian America. But for some strange reason, people who are not of the Asian descent tell me I don't look Asian enough. Seems pretty racist.

I've never had an erotic scene with a group of girls. I would also love to have a three some where I could finish with getting fucked in the ass by a super hot man & my pussy licked by a beautiful girl.

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry?

Several things have surprised me. First Off, Me, I'm somewhat shocked & proud that I'm here & I'm doing it. It started as something new, crazy to try, now it's becoming a lifestyle. At one point of my life, I remember being insecure with my body & now I'm learning to love it & it's been a dramatic wonderful change. I never thought this industry would bring me, a new sense of self awareness & being. Unfortunately, the worst surprise is how fake or misconstrued people are in this industry. I know it takes an abundance of work to be beautiful. Eating right, exercising, taking general care of yourself, but I never realized how much "extra" comes with sex or being sexy. Breast Implants, botox, plastic surgery, makeup, fake hair, dyed hair, fake nails, whitened teeth, fake tanning. Is any one real anymore? You have all these beautiful 18-21 girls who are portraying the image of sex but do they really know anything about it yet? You can dress up any doll & call it beautiful, but does it have a brain & power of emotion to know how to make sex feel amazing. I've noticed in this industry there is a lot emphasis on faking whats supposed to the best feeling in the world, & that's confusing for me.

How were you as a kid growing up? What are your hobbies and interests?

I was an extremely motivated, idealistic, sweet girl. I was very outgoing & overall pretty happy. I loved to draw, play sports, tae kwon do, soccer, track, softball, volleyball, basketball. I played the flute for 7 yrs, softball for 8, played short stop for a team that won regionals & 2nd in nationals. I placed first in over 20 tae kwon do forms. I excelled in many forms of Art, including pencils, charcoals, oils, pastels, print, & design. I loved rollerskating at the local roller rink, riding my bike, playing four square or kickball with the local kids. I was very active, constantly moving. I was competitive & loved challenges. I was constantly involved in some kind of activity whether it was by myself or with a group. I loved my friends, sleepovers & parties, & all the activities that I enjoyed then, I still enjoy now, except for a few slight changes. Today I play what they call the skin flute. Now I've included a few more things like skiing surfing boarding, clubbing & traveling.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

Having the best most amazing sex with some of the sexiest, gorgeous people I've ever met & being the perverted sexual deviant I've always been. Now I can be an open happy whore & people don't condemn me anymore, they praise me!

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

I'm currently in the works of my own website cecestone.com as well as working on theviolationofsinthia.com

I will be doing much more BDSM work as well as taking on many other ventures. I am on 2 agency websites atmla.com (Adult Talent Managers) & Valleybabesxxx.com. I have also worked w/ desiredmodels.com. Though, I currently do most of my bookings independently . I plan on taking pole dancing classes & possibly feature dancing.

You can also find me on all your popular social networks

  • http://twitter.com/cecestone
  • http://www.myspace.com/cecestonexxx
  • http://cecestone.wordpress.com/
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000660683480
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cece-Stone-Fan-Page/263804509676?ref=ts

you can also find me on model mayhem, one model place, & simply google

Thanks again for letting me share my story with you. Its been another great experience! Hope you enjoyed & cum Cece me again soon! xoxo


Interview by Apache Warrior

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