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XCritic’s Crazy Slutty Interview


Crazy Slutty

It has been widely accepted that our web site XCritic.com walks to it's own tune. One of our newest adult film and toy reviewers fits that statement quite well. Crazy Slutty is an indie porn starlet with her own web site CrazySlutty.com  (read our review of her site). Her experience as an adult performer adds an unique perspective to her reviews since she is able to put herself in the starlets' shoes. Another factor that sets her apart from other web starlets is that her site offers 100% custom homemade porn. It is this genuine connection to her fans that makes Crazy Slutty so endearing to them. I am glad to say on behalf of the XCritic team that she already has an affect on us as well.

Hi Sara Victoria aka Crazy Slutty, you are a breath of fresh air to the XCritic team. Your interviews are quite entertaining and honest. Two qualities that we admire. Why did you decide to want to be an adult film reviewer for our well-respected web site?

Actually I was asked by our esteemed editor, who'd chatted with me on IM several times. I think he first asked me last year but I just didn't have the time then. Thankfully I was able to fit it into my schedule now, though, and so I asked if he was interested. Apparently he was, because here I am!

I think, being an adult performer myself, I can bring a unique perspective to things. I have no problem calling out girls who clearly aren't into it, or clearly aren't very good, or who clearly are trying to pass off a handjob as a blowjob because they can't get more than an inch of cock in their mouth. Come on! We deserve better.

I just try to call it like I see it as a fellow fan of the carnal arts.

Of course, all of our reviewers have other outside interests and/or jobs. You have an adult website called www.crazyslutty.com. How and why did you end up creating this site? How long have you had it? What is it all about?

Actually I started it because I was so dissatisfied with most of the porn out there. I was already doing all this fun slutty stuff anyway, so I figured why not put it on film and offer people an alternative? It's porn where the girl is a real slut and is actually into it and having a good time, and I hope that's pretty appealing!

As I looked through your site, I have noticed that you work with men a whole lot in your short movies. What are the lengths of your movies? Furthermore, who are these guys? Are they friends, fans, male porn stars? How often do you work with women on camera? Who are your women partners?

My movies run from 10-15 minutes in length and are each one complete scene. They're also in HD and are 1280x720, so they're big and crisp and clear. As for the guys (and girls) I shoot with, they're all people I know. But I'm always looking to expand my horizons!

What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy? What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy?

My tastes are kind of all over the place, but I'll try. I often find myself attracted to older men. I like smiles that are a little goofy -- Harrison Ford makes me melt every time. I'm also attracted to The Rock but it's not because of his muscles! It's his smile and also those hilarious facial expressions, like the Rock eyebrow thing. I guess I just really like somewhat goofy men.

As far as women go, I confess that I like younger women who appear somewhat innocent. I just want to corrupt them! I love nice breasts, but the size is completely unimportant. I also like a nice curve at the waist, somewhere you can wrap your arm around. I also like really nice hair. I'm always attracted to a blonde with hazel eyes... that makes me nuts for reasons I can't really explain.

One aspect of your site that really got my notice is the "100% custom homemade porn" notion. What does that entail?

I'm glad you asked as I think that's something that really makes me and my site unique. Part of my distaste for most of the porn out there stems from it being so difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. Even when you find something you like, there's probably parts you wish they'd done differently or something. So I have always done 100% custom porn... EVERY movie, photo set or audio story on my website was directly requested by one of my site members.

I have a big form for people to fill out where they can choose my slutty outfit, sex toys, accessories, shoes, activities and on and on. So if you always wanted to see Princess Leia tied up, fucked in the ass and then made to lick the cock clean, now you can! if you always wanted to see a schoolgirl in a collar being pulled down with a leash until she gags all over a cock and then the guy cums in her pigtails, now you can! The possibilities are endless, and now my fans can get exactly what they want to see!

And if I'm being honest, it's a ton of fun for me too. I love seeing what my fans come up with and I'm also what you might call a huge submissive, so... being told what to do to make them happy turns me on SO much!

What are your favorite types of sexual situations that you enjoy performing most on your site?

I'm rather famous for my appetite for cum, so that always makes me happy! I also love being tied up, I LOVE rough sex, hair pulling, nipple pinching, face slapping, anything anal, anytime there's a cock banging my throat... it's too hard to pick just one! :)

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I love that I get to be myself, I love that I get to do anything I want to do, and I love that I am fulfilling people's fantasies through requests. It's so hard to find good adult content, I figured that a lot of people would love the idea that they could get exactly what they wanted -- and for no more than the price of a web site membership.

I feel like not only do people get to request what they want, but then everyone else gets the benefit of seeing someone else's fantasy. It expands everybody's horizons, and I feel like sex is just one of those things that should constantly evolve through a person's life.

What you like this year may not be what you liked last year, and certainly not what you liked two years ago -- and that is OK, it's natural and normal to be that way!

But just knowing I've made my fans happy is the greatest feeling.

When you receive feedback from your members and fans, what are the common responses or suggestions that they acquire most about? Any funny or unusual suggestions or responses that you have received from your fans that you would like to share with us?

Usually they're surprised to find how into just about everything I am. I'm a HUGE pervert, so I'm good with almost anything. If I don't like it, I don't do it... so if you see me doing it, I'm having a great time!

Odd requests do come in from time to time... one recent one involved taking the tie from a bathrobe and putting it up my ass. I'm not even sure that's physically possible! I remember someone else wanted me to get a creampie and then sort of lay upside-down in the piledriver position and drip the cum from my pussy onto my face. But in that position the cum would never come out of my pussy, so I never really figured out how to make that one work!

What has been the joys and challenges on having an adult web site?

Well, it's always wonderful when I get feedback from my fans on the shoots they've requested and it's just what they've wanted and they tell me how awesome it was to blow ten loads to it! It's a lot of work to do two shoots a week, especially since I run the entire site all by myself. The biggest challenge is trying to get noticed... it's really hard for us little indie porn girls in an industry as big as this one is. I can't compete with the studios in quantity, I don't have a marketing department, I don't have a full staff of people helping to make this happen.

It's been frustrating not being able to reach as large of an audience as I'd like to, but I'm going to keep plugging away at it. I'm a slut who loves what she does!

How were you as a kid growing up? What are your hobbies and interests?

I was a real nerd! I read tons of books and I had a rock collection. I was way into computers too and taught myself how to make web pages. Once I got into my teens I started doing lots more girl stuff, like going to dances and football games, and being naughty with the boys (and girls)! I also love comics, video games, sci-fi, movies and sex, sex and sex. Did I mention sex?

Are there any any other web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

Of course there's all my reviews right here on XCritic.com! Those are delightfully fun and hopefully folks are enjoying reading those, especially as I'm not shy about including photos of me trying out any sex toys I review.

Other than that it's just business as usual at CrazySlutty.com. I always update at least twice a week every week (for over three years straight!) so there's always more to see, and I'm always taking more custom requests! Hopefully folks out there are as excited to see what I do next... I know I sure am!

You can contact me on my Twitter page too http://twitter.com/crazyslutty

Interview by Apache Warrior