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The Big Day at the AVN


Hey Guys!!

So i had to make a special blog for day 3 of the AEE expo and the big AVN show. It was a Saturday and i remember just waking up and knowing the day was going to be crazy. Makeup came to my room at 11 am but i was up so early just from nerves. When i got to the expo the line surrounding the adam and eve booth was insane. I just thought to myself like "damn this is really happening ". As i'm walking through the expo with my big tall body guard next to me, fans just snapping a million photos, i really was pumped to start signing. The five hours i signed could not have gone any faster . I remember having to tell fans sorry i was done singing and to come back tomorrow. It was crazy, and my life was huge i was really surprised by the turn out of fans that came to see me. A lot of the followers i do have are from twitter, and i really love and appreciate that they come to see me. 

So it was 5 pm, and i was done with signing . I rushed up to my room to get makeup done because we all had to get on the bus to the red carpet at 7 pm. But when i got upstairs Teagan Presley was still in her makeup. Fortuntley my makeup artist was able to make up quickly. I had one problem though , i had no shoes to go with my dress. "Note to Self": Don't be last minute with stuff for the big show example: dress / shoes... becuase it causes for lots of stress. 

Alexis Ford
It was 7 pm and i was suppose to be on the bus, but i still needed shoes. Thank God the Venetian Hotel has all those stores and i was able to find some cute silver shoes in bebe. I don't think i ever ran so fast to the bus because everybody was waiting for me. We pulled up to the Palms Hotel via a black limo party bus, and all i can see is red carpet ,flashing lights , and lots of fans. I felt like a celebrity going to the oscars. I never had such clamy hands in my life lol. First we walked the red carpet for media: a few photos by myself , some with bree olson or teagan presley, and some all together has a group. Then after walking the red carpet for media , we walked a red carpet for fans which consisted of being outside to entering the Palms casino to it leading to the Palms theater. I was shocked that people were screaming my name. By the time i got to the theater i had a permenant smile on my face. 

Alexis Ford Kayden Kross
I was chosen to be one of the trophy girl for the big AVN show. I was really nervous because we had to walk on the stage and guide the winners and presenters off the stage. Most were really easy but when the groups were really big it was a little nerve racking. In the green room before the show started i got to see Kayden Kross is her beautiful dress . She did an amazing job being a host. The show was my first time ever being there and i only had watched it once before . So to be there , as a contract girl, and a trophy girl was amazing and i was really grateful for given that opportunity. To be able to participate in the  show was a way for me to show the porn world like i'm new but watch out this will be my year  ! 

Alexis Ford
After the show was over i was hosting my own party which was an official adam and eve after party of the show at LAVO with Angelina Armani, Lexi Love, and Mariah Milano.. It was so much fun. That was my first time i ever hosted a party and it was a time to spend with my collieges in adam and eve . 
Alexis Ford
Day 4: Sunday was the last day of the expo. I have to say everybody is very laid back that day . I actually had to do a photoshoot for  Hot Video, a magazine company in France, at 10 ambefore the signing. At the photoshoot it was at a car wash , i was def. tired but the photos came out hot! When i got to the expo it was a lot calmer then Saturday but i still signed for 4 hours. At the end of the day i glad to be done with the expo .

Alexis Ford
I had so much fun at the AEE / AVN.. Its alot of hard work and networking but i loved meeting all my fans!!! But by the end of Sunday it was time for me to knock the fuck out and that is what i did!

Alexis Ford Sleeping
Hopefully Next Year ill win best new starlet ;)

Talk to you soon 

Alexis ford xoxoxoo