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Vivid Party Jan 21st at Rick’s Cabaret-NYC: Shauna Sand Exposed!



When it  comes to grabbing the  controversial  sex tapes  of  celebrities, there is only one   company that  does  it   without  any  second thought or hesitation.  Vivid Entertainment which  has  marketed the  sex tapes of  a few  famous mainstream  celebrities through the  Vivid-Celeb  brand now has  released  Shauna  Sand Exposed- The Shauna Sand-Lamas XXX Sex Tapes. Shauna Sands made her entrance around 6 pm with the media and camera crews following her every step. She signed copies of her DVD and posed for pictures with fans as well as regular patrons of Rick's Cabaret and patrons and party-goers made contributions to helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.


Later that  night a  choice  few  were able to  speak with  Shauna about  her  change of heart in letting  Vivid  release the  infamous  sex  tape. I was  able to ask  Shauna a few  questions that night and  to be perfectly honest, Shauna didn't  phase me at  all.. This was the first time    have ever heard of her except for being married to hottie Lorenzo Lamas. She is well known Internationally from what I understand especially in France. Not  wanting to  take up too much of her  time  I asked Shauna just a few  question that night...One of  which everyone has  already asked and has  been answered...

1- What made you change your mind in regards to letting Vivid release the sex tape?

SSL: The stress of the lawsuits, taking the negative aspect of it and   turning it to a positive moment with him. It  was  done  for  private  viewing but now I am  living for  the moment .  


Undressed?? Perhaps? Maybe??

2- What did you think about the AVN and the AEE?

SSL: At the AVN  I  presented two  awards and  felt  underdressed where are the  other  adult performers  where  wearing more  clothing than I was. That same night I host a party at the PlayBoy Club. At the AEE I signed for hours, so many people and fans.

3- How do you juggle appearances as Vivid-Celeb /Playboy Model and a Mother of three girls?

It's very challenging; I wake up early and work out. I am constantly on the move taking care of business and   keep a positive outlook on things.

4- Will there be another movie?

SSL: For now I am unsure of that...

5-Later on down the road when your girls are older and they question you about the   sex tape what will you tell them?

SSL: The truth. I have nothing to hide nor am I ashamed of the tape or of my modeling for Playboy.

Shauna Sand Lamas seemed very much at home speaking to the press and in front of the cameras that night. I was gracious as always thanking her for the few minutes I got to talk to her. I also want to thank Vivid for the opportunity to cover the event at Rick's Cabaret-NYC.