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Vivid Entertainment XCritic’s Studio to Watch For in 2010


Vivid Entertainment

One of the most difficult things there is to do regarding the porn industry is make predictions. This is true in every sense of the concept since the industry is forever reinventing itself with new performers, new directors, and new styles of action that fans demand to see. Still, trends are evident based on the actions and words of those you get to know so we are predicting that Vivid Entertainment continue their recent ascent given some of the factors that have aligned in such a way as to greatly increase their likelihood of success.

First, their current lead director, B. Skow, has established that he truly believes in providing more fuck for the buck, his feature-lite titles often clocking in at close to four hours long without sacrificing picture quality as others in the industry do. He is also a fan of tease and taking his time with the ladies, eliciting their best performances on a regular basis, personally staying in charge of the sexual action as well as the rest of the shoots. This method of combining the best aspects of gonzo with just enough storyline to keep feature fans happy has resulted in numerous critics and fans showing their appreciation, even the contract performers speaking exceptionally highly of how he treats them.

Second, the company has enhanced their modified contract performer system in such a way that allows their starlets enough room to do their own thing, such as dance on the feature circuit or take time off to stay fresh, that they are not saddled with so many debutantes that are either in for a quick buck or simply testing the waters only to find they prefer an alternative career path. This has led some of their ladies to start their own production companies like Savanna Sampson, others to blog for popular websites such as AJ Bailey does here at XCritic, and still allow them to give their all such as we all expect from hotties like Nikki Jayne.

Lastly, the company has shown a willingness to listen and address consumer concerns, something few in the industry have ever appeared to embrace as a means to keep customers happy. Their recent house cleaning of staffers unable to change with the times, including a popular director, the manner in which they have focused on providing longer (and better) sex scenes in their movies, and even their enhanced web presence with scenes shot for the Brand New Faces line all make them a force to be reckoned with in 2010, the distribution deal to provide sitcum porn parodies from Axel Braun just the icing on the cake. Their head marketing guru, Howard Levine, even prowls the internet looking for ways to improve, toughing out the hostile crowds so fixated on the past in order to show them there is a new Vivid in town.

In all then, the company has tried to remain true to longstanding fans while also providing enough reason for the rest of us to check them out, their evolution a work in progress but definitely a sign that their willingness to upgrade will benefit us all as many of their peers drop out of the game altogether. With educational lines headed up by Tristan Taormino, Alt lines headed up by Eon McKai, parodies by Axel Braun, and the variety of mainstream efforts by B. Skow, Vivid seems sure to provide something for almost everyone in the coming year. Some of their recent works include Sexquake, Live In My Secrets, Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage, Bounce 2, Content, Make Me Cum, and Faithless.




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