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Zero Tolerance XCritic’s 2009 Studio of the Year


Zero Tolerance

A new president, a new economic reality, and all the concerns of previous years came crashing down on the industry in 2009 but amid the legions of companies in the industry just trying to survive were a handful building on past successes. The one that stood out for the XCritic team was not the usual feature powerhouse clique, or the small but dedicated companies that are distributed by others, but a fan friendly gonzo outlet called Zero Tolerance (and its sister companies Third Degree and Black Ice) took the prize this year.

Unlike most of their hyper-competitive peers, the company has continued expanding into partnerships with companies like Adam & Eve to make cross-over titles that everyone can appreciate. This year, they took an even bolder step, financing a duo of award winning flicks with the crazy folks at Popporn including A Guide To Making Fuck and TMSleaze that not only cashed in on the parody market, but stole the spotlight from some of the best sitcum makers in the industry at the same time. Reviews of the two movies have been impressive, not just at XCritic where they were hailed as "the next logical step" in quality comedy porn, but all over the industry as Zero Tolerance resumed a leadership role by breaking all the rules, several more of these about to be released.

And while their excursions with outsiders continue to bring critical acclaim, their own homespun efforts are no less worthy as the company addresses not only specific market niches fans have asked for, but used most of the best looking women available to provide for your strokeworthy needs. Much of this success is owed to directors like Mike Quasar, a technical wizard with a sense of humor, Danny Case, a man devoted to the ladies, or studly Mick Blue, one of the last remaining gentlemen of porn.

The company also managed to expand its popular line of sex toys in the Evolved Novelties line that our critics have been so fond of. Only a few production companies have seen the light in regard to boosting sales with toys, something experts have been calling "recession proof" as sales continue to climb while tube websites and piracy attack the bottom line of movie sales. Unique to Zero Tolerance and its sister companies though was the manner in which they used their toys in their actual productions, the beautiful ladies providing ample tease and solo work with some of the company lineup. The metal cases the toys come in enhanced their value as gifts too so we expect even more from them in the future.

So, if you're in the market for good gonzo porn using hot women, porn parodies that aren't carbon copies of the shows they emulate, or sex toys designed with the consumer in mind, you really need to take a look at what Zero Tolerance has to offer. Here are a few of their better titles of late, noting that your individual preferences should guide your selection: PopPorn: A Guide to Making Fuck, TMSleaze: A XXX Parody, All Alone 2, Girlvana 5, Meet The Fuckers #9, and Too Small To Take It All.


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