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“Lone Wolves”


Me without a face, a cookie, and a asshole is how I look when I'm on
the radio. I LOVE going on radio shows. Its no holds bar when you don't
have a face and are just a voice. People who call in ask all kinds of
questions they wouldn't dream of asking me face to face. I made an
appearance Ellis earlier in the yr before I had won back LexiLove.com.
I was in LA this week and had to see Ellis's "AWESOME" Ass while I was
in town. Lot of new things to talk about- my new song released on
iTunes "On Broken Wings", winning back my website, and Ellis said he had a new show called "Lone Wolves" he was going to run for the 1st time.

On Sirius Ellis opened the gates for me into "Awesom World"and the topic of the day was how I can deep throat a hard cock, put 2
balls in my mouth, then stick my tongue out and lick the taint. I'm
nominated "Best Oral" for 2010 AVN show this year and this could be the reason why ;) .

After we got off the air it was time for the "Lone Wolves"to come out and play. Ellis and his pack morphed into wolves as soon as
they walked in to the studio. There was so much hair flying round the
room from their transformation I felt like I'd been munching carpet for
hours, it was in my eyes, on my pants, and by the end of the show deep
in the back of my throat. How wolf hair got in the back of my throat is
the fun part. After talking about my oral skills on Sirius we decided
to show them off. White Wolf strapped a big fat black strap-on dildoon for me to deep throat, which I did without any problem except the
wolf hair on his cock. By the end of the show I was naked on the table
wearing a wolf mask and howling! Ellis brings out the Wolf in me ;) .

If you want to see me deep throat the strap-on dildo click here> "Lone Wolves"

If you want to see "Awesome World" click here> "Awesom World"

and lastly if you want to hear my NEW song released on iTunes click here> "On Broken Wings"

Ellis "AWESOME" Ass on you Tube

Faction channel 28 from 3 - 7 pm ET weekdays to hear The Jason Ellis Show.

Till Next Time Lexi

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