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The Miss Nude Wisconsin Weekend At Grand Daddy’s It’s In Wisconsin



Schofield, WI/A Entertainment News- After hosting the Bliss Cabaret $5,000 Amateur Contest in Clearwater, Florida twelve hours before, I ran to the airport and made my way to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I was to take a second flight to central Wisconsin Airport and be picked up by the people at Grandaddy's Gentlemen's Club, which was once again the host club of the Miss Nude Wisconsin Contest. When I arrived at the airport in Tampa, Florida, I was informed that my flight from Minneapolis to Wisconsin had been cancelled, and I had been rescheduled for a day and half later. You have to love the airport system... NOT! Since there were no flights out of Minnesota, A! Entertainment photographer Ricky Rich, had to drive the three hours from Grandaddy's to the Minnesota airport. When I landed in Minnesota, Ricky was there, picked me up, as I sat down in the car I promptly passed out. Four hours later, we arrived at our hotel in Schofield, Wisconsin.

The great gift of the American Inn Hotel in Schofield is that the lobby has a 24 hour gourmet coffee station. For this story, we will call that station the "Batman Recharge Center". On this gig, I had agreed in advance to let Ricky Rich share my room with me which is sometimes fun and sometimes not...ala, Miami Beach (Ricky slept in the same bed as a midget in Miami, that's all I have to say about that).We checked in, I took a shower, changed clothes, sprayed on some Axe Chocolate, and off to the Grandaddy's Club we went.

For this event, I was sharing the microphone with Jade Simone St. Claire, also known as the Naked Comedian and rising to the top like a bullet newcomer Tawnie Monroe. Jerry, who is also part owner of Grandaddy's was our d.j. all week. There were about fifteen competitors, but best of all, Grandaddy's extended me an open tab and they had those big stadium cups.

The first thing you would notice, after walking into the Grandaddy's Club is the fact that it is decorated like a Hard Rock Hotel with autographed guitars and carefully placed Rock-n-Roll memorabilia all over the walls. The place is beautiful. The second and most important thing that you would notice is that most of their dancers were simply smoking hot. My theory on this is that good exotic dancers want to work for bosses who are or have been exotic dancers. With my open tab, and my girl being in Miami, and all the hot small-town dancers, I put in my mind to try my best to stay out of trouble. You long time readers know how that usually turns out.

On stage, Jade and I worked well together, as always, and had the front row rolling with laughter. Jade was going on about bringing Dane Cook on stage the following week and later in the month opening up for Lisa Lambanelli. She was much quicker than me at the snaps, which was okay, because when I came off stage I got plenty of sympathy/ ass gropes from the girls. Sometimes it's good to lose. Jade also beat me in the celebrity race this week as she had her friend Vegas Poker Tournament Champion and Black Jack Champion, Michael Cho in town for the weekend. I guess he was just "in the neighborhood passing by". By the final night of the competition, Michael and I came up with a new drink which we named "Date Rape". I am not sure if it worked for him because I haven't spoken to him since we all flew to our next gig.

The competition was three nights with opening, semi-finals and finals and most of the dancer's shows were heavily "prop" orientated. There was enough furniture on stage to fill up an IKEA store, but there was never a doubt of what that particular dancer's theme was.

The adult paparazzo was in full force with Brian Assdragon coming up from Iowa, the actual owner of Midwest Nights Magazine and A! Entertainment photographer Ricky Rich with his "assistant" Amanda in tow for the second event in a row. Private Dancer Magazine will also be running the photos from the contest.

The eventual winner of the Miss Nude Wisconsin Contest who, in one of her shows donned a full aristocrat set complete with her as Marie Antoine, La Marquise did an excellent job all week long and deserved her crowning as Miss Nude Wisconsin. There is something about that wig and powdered face that stirs a medieval fire in me. Bobby Lee Skye won the Pole Championship part of the contest.

We have to mention a few things that we noticed. Jerry, Tawnie and the entire staff at Grandaddy's did an excellent job taking care of us and every day did a little something extra above and beyond the call of duty, such as providing food every day before the competition started at the club, even taking the entire crew, including competitors, out to the local steakhouse one night before the show started. These are extra things that are not expected at a pageant or competition, but make you feel so appreciated.

Kudos to them and we can't wait to go back and host it again next year.

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