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Closed Minded Society-Yesterday’s Oprah Show


I don't know how many people  actually  tuned in to watch the  show yesterday  but as I watched I found myself talking to the  TV defending myself  as a Erotica  writer and a Adult reviewer. I  keep  forgetting that there are STILL many  people out there that see porn and  erotica as one and  the same. Newsflash its not! Why do  talk shows insist on categorizing  them together is  beyond me. I decided to  add my opinion to the Oprah.com  message  board and   was emailed about  breaking house  rules. Below is the actual posting that was not  allowed to be read  by  those on the  board. It upset me to  no end , but I  found it  funny as  all hell that people out there think that women  don't  watch  porn. Have they taken a look at all the  porn for women that is out there today? I'm assuming not. Please feel  free voice your  opinion be  it  here or via  email to  me.. Ravyn@xcritic.com  I  would love to  read what on your mind!


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Re: Why Millions of Women Are Using Porn and Erotica: Lisa Ling Reports Why Millions of Women Are Using Porn and Erotica: Lisa Ling Reports ravync Nov 17, 2009

Soul Angel, Oprah, HarpoBear

As a published Author of Erotica and a reviewer of Adult Films, there was a time where I was very prudish in my thinking and saw that porn gave women a bad rep. That was along time ago and now I see things differently. Everyone thinks that the men and women in adult films are damaged goods and that they have endured some kind of abuse in their life time. That is a misconception that everyone has! In the five years I have been with XCritic.com, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the men and women who take pride in their jobs at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas and over at the EXXXOTICA in NJ.

The adult industry is a billion dollar industry that will continue to grow no matter what people say and how many protest against it. Those naysayers and the prudes that swear they don't watch it, do not understand that the more they spew hatred against it and its performers that it makes others want to watch it even more. Both boys and girls at young ages get curious about their bodies and will go online to see what the all the fuss about.

Accessing any kind of porn is easy today because of the internet, even when I got my first computer many years ago that was the first thing I searched for. Everyone does it! You can't say that looking at adult content makes one a pervert or one has a sickness. Yes there are people that have gotten addicted to porn on the net but like anything in this world one has to learn to control the urges.

Is society today so sexually repressed that they are willing to go to extreme measure to belittle the men and women who have fully embraced their own sexuality and are comfortable with themselves and their bodies to bring to life fantasies of both men and women through adult films?

I have had the extreme pleasure of interviewing many of the talented men and women from the top adult film companies and none of them are what the typical stereo type that is spoken of! They all have lives outside of the industry and some of them are happily married with children. Others are married to their on screen partners who don't have a problem with their significant other having sex with others on screen.

Societies closed mind has made up rampant tales of how these ladies are forced to perform and have been victims of rape , physical and drug abuse. Yet I have asked that same question to all I have interviewed and everyone that has answered all stated that's just BS! I used to be one of those prudes that swore she would never watch porn and thought it was something a good catholic would watch.. News flash.. I WAS WRONG!!!!!! I asked one of my closest friends Liss and she said that Religious repression is the main cause of why so many protest against it.Alot of people snub it completely are afraid of going to hell or see it as something dirty. Unfortunately we both know too many "holier than thou" people that would never look at porn and do.

Adult movies like anything in life has its following and if it's not your cup of tea then move on and leave those that enjoy it making it for us to watch alone! The same thing goes for any kind of erotica book you read. Right now the rage is Vampires and how they are portrayed as very sensual and sexual creatures. There are many shows out there that show the sensual side to teenage girls and adult but does anyone say anything about that. I write paranormal erotica and enjoy bringing life to my characters. But let's get one thing straight Erotica and Porn are not the same. Porn takes it one step further with the visual aspect where as sitting down and reading a book its seducing one's mind and not just the body.

More and more women today watch porn and even more so are behind the camera directing it. Many of the top tier companies have women who work hard in making sure that their titles are couple friendly. Vivid Entertainment and Wicked Pictures are one of the many companies out there that has a vast selection for couples and I know this first hand as I have reviewed many of their titles. Both company's focuses on couples features and their gals aren't abused or mistreated. Digital Playground is another company run by women and have women directing porn. So it's no longer a man's world when it comes to porn. Women have been watching porn for a lot longer than one thinks.

Sex sells that's the bottom line ..be it in mainstream TV or on a cable network you will always find it while channel surfing or in reading a book. I take pride in what I do as a Author and as a Reviewer, and want to Thank all the men and women in the adult industry that enjoy having sex on camera and to everyone involved in making it and to all the great Authors out there that have given us pleasure in reading and giving us men and women an escape within books!



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