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Raw 2 | XCritic Pick


Raw 2
When it comes to awarding our highest rating - The XCritic Pick our standards of excellence are extremely high.  A porn can't just be 'good' to get this rating, it can't even just be 'really good'.  An  XCritic Pick exemplifies the absolute best that porn has to offer. They are titles which we stand by and recommend that you add to your collection.
The latest title to be awarded this high honor is Manuel Ferrara's Raw 2. When we say that good porn is all about great chemistry, we're talking about films like Raw 2. Manuel Ferrara has amazing chemistry with every single woman on this double disc flick which leads to a title with uniformly amazing sex.
Combine this with a fantastic 'Fuck for the Buck' ratio and you've got a title that is a must have for any fans of the gonzo genre. Read  Don Houston's Complete Review of Raw 2 - the latest The XCritic Pick.

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