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October Howdy


A fun 'n snappy Howdy to ya'll!

I high-tailed it to Michigan last weekend to hang out with my friends, drink beer, smoke some herb, and watch plenty of horror movies. We all all big ol' horror geeks and had a groovy time. We watched the original/restored My Bloody Valentine (1980), the new 3-D remake of My Bloody Valentine (which looked excellent on blu ray), the early 1970s cheese fest Frogs, a cool little odd indie Plague Town, the awesome Trick 'r Treat, and lots of fun trailer compilations.

I recently discovered a groovy movie from the UK called Tormented. It hasen't had a release in the US yet but it's 100% better than most of the shitty horror movies that get a release here. Luckily, I have all all-regions DVD player so I ordered the DVD from Amazon UK. I highly recommend this one.

On the music front, I've been listening to The Gossip, The Crystal Method, Artic Monkeys, The Donnas, and Johnny Cash.

The Gossip

I'll be reviewing Chi Chi La Rue's Taken to the Lowest Level. The movie features 19 hot men so it's going to take me a little longer to get though. Also on the horizon is the latest from Titan Men Folsom Maneuvers.



Groovy Pix!

Cast of Glee


Anna Paquin in Trick 'r Treat



Cast of Fringe

Cheers! P.