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2040, Flight Attendants, Sexual Blacktivity, and a great deal more…


Spotlight Title: 2040


Every year we find there seems to be a short list of directors that consistently offer top notch entertainment worthy of various awards and accolades, current director of the year Brad Armstrong always a strong contender to offer a winner.   I had thought the company blew its collective load working on Stormy's Operation Tropical Stormy
but I was wrong, this one surpassing it on several levels, putting it
back in the "comedy-only" pile for awards consideration as far as many
of us are concerned. Like so many movies before it, 2040 is about a
dystopian future where sexually transmitted diseases have ravaged the
landscape, forcing the population to resort to robots for sexual
stimulation. Alektra Blue plays the lead as a sex android that seems to
gain sentience, the complications of which throw those around it into a
state of emergency seeking to exploit this secret. If this sounds a
little like "Café Flesh", "Bicentennial Man", "Cherry 2000", "Blade
Runner", "AI" or any of a hundred other movies you may have seen,
beware the surface comparisons because 2040 makes its own way here. The
three discs comprising the movie and extras (a fourth, the yearly
company sampler also tossed in for good measure) clearly showed the
intent to scoop up some awards, placing it in a very good position to
replay last year but with even stronger emphasis on broadening its
appeal. I'm not going to ruin the plotted elements as some feel the
need to do in their reviews with my overview of the sex scenes but
suffice it to say that Wicked Pictures really went all out this time
and deserves a lot of consideration for awards and sales.  It worked both sexually and as a porno, minor plot points easy to overlook
given the manner in which so much was attempted on so many levels
compared to a generic "porno". The plotted points can be debated
endlessly regarding where they came from (science fiction has long held
a fascination with androids seeking sentience, even pop culture shows
like "Star Trek: The Next Generation" showing the many moral dilemmas
involved, Isaac Asimov's famous trilogy making it standard fare decades
ago) but the sexual portions held up very nicely too thanks to a series
of heated performances by the contract gals and outside ladies alike,
the total package earning a vaunted Xcritic Pick .

Highlights of The Week 

Will Ryder & Scott David
have been credited with transforming the porn industry in the last
couple of years, bigger companies trying to emulate their highly
regarded sitcums on the cheap, usually with predictable results. One of
the biggest criticisms the haters pull out when dealing with the
success of this duo is how they lack the creativity to make something
completely original since they rely so heavily on making parodies at X-Play Media. In response to this charge, they made Flight Attendants,
a comedic look at an airline in need of a makeover when it crashes a
jumbo jet into a Florida swamp (feeding lots of alligators in the
process). With passenger confidence failing, the crew at Global
Airlines does something drastic, becoming the most customer service
oriented airline in the business, if you catch my drift. Adam & Eveserved as the distributor and the all star cast included Sunny Lane,
Teagan Presley, Shyla Stylez, Kayden Kross, Eva Angelina, Hillary
Scott, Misty Stone, and many others as well as a bunch of top male
talent like the Mighty Evan Stone, Randy Spears, and Jack Lawrence.
There was a lot of one liners and veiled references to pop culture
icons here, the result of which was a truly enjoyable fuck flick that
had some of the best sex you will see in a feature to date.  It proved what I have said about his work for a long time now, that once
he tried an original work, he would provide a world class show. The fun
factor combined nicely with the fuck factor, the wealth of extras
enhancing the package substantially above most releases to date so I
rated it as Highly Recommended. I have no doubt that fans will be watching this one for a long, hard time.

Jenna Haze is the newest addition to Jules Jordan Video
as a director, her status as his girlfriend not appearing to have a
whole lot to do with her distribution deal from an outsider's
viewpoint. Having wowed fans for years, Jenna decided not long ago that
she was going to up the ante a bit by directing her own movies, all of
them very well received by her fans and critics alike, particularly
when she is the focal point of the action. Her latest release making it
my way is  Sexual Blacktivity: Special Edition Set, a set of
seven interracial gonzo scenes where Jenna and a cast of attractive
young ladies of near universal appeal end up working with members of
other races, Misty Stone doing a fine job of adding some diversity from
a female's point of view. To say my initial impression was favorable
would be an understatement, the movie itself spread across two discs
and providing over five hours of quality fuck for the buck, even the
extras superior to what you will get from the competition.  It was indeed an upgrade over her previous works so it appealed not just
to her slavering fanboy contingent but also gonzo fans of all types
that appreciate interracial action. The wealth of quality material
enhanced the amount of fuck for the buck here, the replay value and
strokability showing Jenna to be coming into her own as a director much
like she did as a performer for all these years so I rated it as Highly Recommended. In short,  Sexual Blacktivity: Special Edition Set  had a superior cast of diverse ladies doing interracial sex tricks,
their heat and enthusiasm the kind of aspects I wish more companies
would try to provide these days so get a copy yourself to see what I

Elegant Angel
is currently the most consistently solid gonzo production company in
all of porn, relying on what a few friends and I call a "meat &
potatoes" approach rather than try to be all things to all people or
promote quantity over quality as others have successfully done. While I
do not always find their work as perfect as some of my colleagues (on
Xcritic and elsewhere), there is no doubt that under the administrative
leadership of owner Patrick Collins, directors like William H. Nutsack
have evolved into near forces of nature in delivering the goods to the
raincoaters crowd. I don't go to them for features full of bad acting
and ten year old videogame level computer graphics for special effects,
I go to them for hardcore fucking and tease that remains strokable
years past the flavor of the moment have lost favor. Their latest
collaboration is a little fuck flick called Glamour Girls 2 Blu-ray, the sequel to Glamour Girls 1,
in which the ladies are dolled up even nicer than usual, handled in
such a manner that those of you not typically into the straightforward
nature of the action provided might even find this better than your
usual source of smut, ladies such as Avy Scott, Sadie West, Kristina
Rose, Jayden Jaymes, and Rebeca Linares showing their partners a really
hot time.  It was a fun project using some very attractive ladies and glamorizing
them up a few notches higher than usual in the five scenes. The
attempts to go slightly beyond previous efforts were noticed and while
not perfectly consistent, it did enhance the resumes of the
entertaining gals yet again. The amount of fuck for the buck,
strokability, and replay value was worthy of a rating of at least Recommended or more depending on how much you adore the ladies present.

I knew I'd see some big budget extravaganza from the company like their earlier release of Nurses,
most companies employing contract performers feeling the need to
provide a sort of "time capsule" this time of year. Not surprisingly,
this took place in the form of Teachers Blu-ray, a single disc
set with minimal extras; the latest release in the vocational series
that has proven so popular. I know the critics will howl about the use
of the contract staffers, most of whom are no longer with the company,
in the role of high school students and as much a company apologist as
I am, I will concede this point up front, but there was a huge attempt
to make this a premium cast on all fronts, even bringing in hotties
such as Lisa Ann, and top tier male talent to flesh out the proceeding.  
It lacked the depth of a true feature and the loosely tied together
vignettes were not consistently appealing but I found myself
appreciating the trouble he went through to elevate this one past the
all too generic productions he is used to making. Riley Steele stood
out as the best cast "student" and the adults of the production (Lisa
Ann, Katsuni, Ben English, Evan Stone, and Mick Blue) all seemed age
appropriate to their roles here, the script a bit too light on humor
and depth to really merit as much applause. Still, even the relative
lack of extras and technical issues (the movie wouldn't play in my
computer, had some minor glitches, and the previously discussed issues
in the tech section above) could not weaken this one below what I
estimate should be considered a B- grade of Recommended.

Tom Byron and Tom Byron Pictures
have tried bringing an assortment of entertaining titles over the
years, one of their series sticking out as particularly deviant, yet
interesting at the same time; the Ass Eaters Unanimous series. The
latest volume is  Ass Eaters Unanimous 20, and it was one of my
favorite to date for all the right reasons. The series is dedicated to
the select group of female performers that like the taste of ass,
specifically Tom's ass in most volumes, and will lick him clean for
extended periods of time while jerking him off, now changed to focus on
lesbian rimming for this volume only. The phrase "tossing the salad" or
"playing the rusty trombone" are typically used to describe this kind
of thing when done with a man, the important thing for the performers
to remember is that they get squeaky clean before engaging in such
medically risky behavior. Aficionados of ass will already be aware of
the series, this volume changing the usual dynamic a bit by using only
ladies, Tom locked out as they attacked ass with even more gusto than
usual.  It was an especially appealing volume of the show for me, the ladies
working so well with one another in all but one case (and even that one
wasn't bad), really well in a few cases. The technical matters were in
need of polishing up but overall I thought it earned a rating of Recommended for the levels of rimming fuck for the buck, a bit of cock probably wouldn't have hurt the show much either if done right.

Jules Jordan and Jules Jordan Video
are the top of the food chain as far as gonzo porn is concerned to many
folks, the company routinely releasing double disc sets that really
provide a lot of fuck for the buck but maintaining a lot of quality too
for a very long time. In a rare departure from the norm, Jules took a
step backwards with his latest release called Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 2 , the single disc offering less than the last time the series was out 30 months ago with Pump My Ass Full Of Cum #1.
That said, it would be unfair to immediately dismiss this one as a
lesser effort strictly because it provided less fuck for the buck
because the cast included hotties like Missy Stone, Aubrey Addams,
Jenna Haze, Hillary Scott, and Andi Anderson; each of the gals
considered a top notch anal whore by adoring fans. As anticipated, the
scenes each included multiple encounters ending in anal creampies, an
act so dangerous that many companies have stopped providing them out of
concern for their performers, Jules boldly going ahead to give the fans
what they want regardless of the potential consequences.  It had a great cast of ladies to work with but the men were not always up
to standards, dragging down the rating a notch for a still-respectable Recommended. While not providing as wealthy a batch of boning as his double disc sets, Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 2 did seem to challenge Pump My Ass Full Of Cum #1
in terms of the technical upgrades, the strength of the performances a
mixed blessing to be sure. Still, if you like anal cream pies, you will
find this is the kind of title you can count on regardless of how long
it was (or wasn't).

 Romulus and Evil Angel
have had an ongoing deal with regard to distribution for some time now,
his admittedly rough looking scenes shot for the internet drawing the
attention of the company for their raw energy and devotion to ass
worship a natural way for it to branch out in its chosen market. His
latest movie is called Asses of Face Destruction 7 , a fetish
flick where no fucking except mind fucking takes place, the ladies
smothering their partners with their ample ass cheeks rather than allow
any vaginal or anal penetration (outside a tongue that is). The company
website described it like this: "The lucky seventh edition of Roman
Video's Asses of Face Destruction offers five fabulous new scenarios of
hot and harsh ass-to-mouth grindfests featuring German lesbians Laila
and Thatty demonstrating their uncompromising teutonic tongue-to-hole
stylings, as well as stirring installments starring Flower Tucci,
Alexis Texas and Kirra Lynne that each start out with engagingly
raunchy nasty-talk and butt-spreading aimed directly at the camera lens
before seguing to the sight of these fabulous femmes dominating their
favorite wimps with nothing but their asses, pussies ... and very dirty
minds." It continued the traditions of the series and even provided a slight
visual upgrade for the footage presented, gals like Flower Tucci and
Alexis Texas providing the most appealing smothering of the show. While
there was no penetration here outside of a tongue in a pussy or ass,
the premise of the show is advertised as such so the rating of the five
scenes earned a Recommended for anyone into smothering.

 Jazz Duro is currently one of the wild card directors at Evil Angel;
releasing a number of titles on their Buttman Magazine Choice label.
Unlike his peers at the company, he is less technically adept with the
camera but makes up for it using his charisma and love of ass to find
the best gals that will do the most; going the extra mile when he calls
on them to make the best scenes possible. His most recent release is Cheek Freaks 8,
where Nikki Jayne, Pamela Butt, Mayara Shelson & Nikki Rio all
experience the wonders of anal sex with Jazz and Lou in some of the
lengthiest scenes available in all of porn. If you like round rumps,
ass antics, and depraved backdoor action, you can hardly go wrong with
what this guy has to offer most of the time, the bodies more important
than the look of their faces but some quite cute indeed.  It might not have been the best of his latest efforts but I could not deny
that there was sufficient strokability, replay value, and fuck for the
proverbial buck to merit a rating of Recommended. The lack of
quality extras and technical values needed work as did the final scene
but Jazz is always best when starring in his own scenes instead of
farming them out to other guys. In short, Cheek Freaks 8 will
serve to give series fans the kind of spank bank fodder they might need
to work out those times when their significant other is away, marking
the sixth volume as another worth checking out for your personal

Tommy Gunn
has dabbled in directing porn a few times but his strength as a
performer keeps him far too busy to seriously learn the technical
aspects of the craft, the man considered one of the top ten talents for
years now as he garners many awards. His latest shot at directing
though took a turn for the bizarre in how he offered up Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D,
a double disc movie with several versions designed to take advantage of
certain technologies for a better 3-D experience. The movie itself was
a virtual sex release, a sort of game where limited options allow the
viewer the ability to pick different courses of action, and the use of
enhanced depth of field was such that it should provide some additional
attention.  It showed that the porn industry still has pioneers willing to take
advantage of technological advances to offer better entertainment
opportunities serving a wider audience than ever before. The mere fact
that this release allows males and females both to appreciate the
performances with a lean toward what they might enjoy (picking Sindee's
POV to see more of Tommy or his POV to see more of her) was enough to
score a rating of Recommended but the 3D portion just gimmicky
enough to seal the deal for me as something off the beaten path able to
add to the replay value. Frankly, I'd like to see more use of this
innovation with a bigger budget besides but as it stands, the movie is
worth checking into. In short,  Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D is the best 3D porno I've ever seen, the credit going to all those that
participated in the technical matters so give it a look.

Erik Everhard
has long been one of my very favorite directors in gonzo porn, his
sense of humor and driven sexual performances elevating his worth on
several levels compared to many of his peers at Jules Jordan Video. His latest release coming my way was not a new production though, merely a compilation of nine scenes in the form of Big Fucking Assholes: Special Edition .
This time, Erik selected scenes starring some of his hottest anal
antics with gals as cock hungry as they come, ladies such as Jenny
Hendrix, Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin, Amy Ried, Aline, and others that
have extensive fanbases across the globe. I've seen most of these in
the past and there did not appear to be any noticeable editing but the
first disc was made up of older scenes from Erik's Red Light District
period while the second disc derived from his more recent work at JJV.
Other than the advertised 6 hours falling slightly short, I thought
this looked to be a very solid selection of scenes for fans of anal
penetration though, a quick look at the front cover showing the kind of
talent Erik was providing.  It was a worthy compilation (even if it was not labeled as such) for your time, money, and seed, meriting a rating of Recommended
or better depending on how many of the scenes you already have in your
smut collection. I might have picked different scenes in some cases but
this was a decent selection of picks from across the years and I only
wish the scenes were better labeled on the discs as to what movies they
came from. In short, Big Fucking Assholes: Special Edition had
more anal fuck for the buck than almost three traditional gonzo fuck
flicks, Erik and his band of merry men showing the ladies just what
kind of perversity they were in for repeatedly during the scenes. The
chemistry levels were pretty high in most cases too so if you're in the
market to see some truly powerful penetration of the anal variety, this
might work well for you.

 Mike Quasar
has been one of the best gonzo directors of smut over the years, his
technical skill level surpassing all but a few of his peers as he
delivers the goods so consistently. Lately, his work at Third Degree Films
has garnered even more acclaim due to the company pursuing something a
bit more interesting, mixing up the gonzo sex with some of Mike's
twisted brand of humor. The latest such fuck flick is  Pornstar Perspective where Courtney Cummz appears as a sort of spokesperson suggesting that
POV camerawork is better than what the douche bag director is capable
of providing, the five scenes then including footage from the handhelds
operated by the partners as well as the main body shot by Mike himself.
The comedic nods to how porn is shot (and by whom) were often quite
funny and had they been given more room to grow (as in Mike's The Guide to Making Fuck),
the movie might have been even better in terms of replay and
entertainment value but it was a solid offering thanks in large part to
Courtney Cummz, Raylene, Ann Marie Rios, Tori Black, and Madelyn Marie
all appearing to have a good time with their scene partners.  It was a nice showcase for the performers with enough POV (point of view)
footage tossed in to make the movie even better than just a barebones
outing so I rated it as Recommended if you are a fan of the
ladies such as Raylene, Ann Marie Rios, Tori Black, Courtney Cummz, or
Madelyn Marie. The humor tossed in as an aside was not bad either,
Mike's self deprecating manner helping to sell this one just a bit more
than usual. In short then, Pornstar Perspective made an attempt
to see things from the point of view of the performers, faring
reasonably well in most cases to the point where it added some

 Jake Malone and his work for Evil Angel
have long been noteworthy as some of the most hardcore smut available
in the USA, his devotion to pushing the limits of his ladies in scenes
such that they are rarely for the faint of heart. My own take on his
work is that as long as it is clear the ladies are getting off
participating, I find it enjoyable as edgy material though some of you
may well find it appealing just because of how the ladies are treated
so roughly by the mopes they are set to work with. His latest title in
the genre is Fetish Fuck Dolls 3, the women giving it up in
nasty fashion with the low end males they were stuck with, a few of
them like London Keyes and Charley Chase really seeming to get into the
spirit of things exceptionally well.  It was at least as rough as Fetish Fuck Dolls 1
that I reviewed earlier in the year, the movie far exceeding the limits
of certain online retailers like Empire where the entire series was
pulled from the shelves. For me, a little roughness goes a very long
way but I have to hand it to Jake for keeping quiet during the scenes,
I know just how much effort that must have taken him given his
propensity for telling the cast what to do. A little of this goes a
long way with me and while I prefer his double disc efforts for
providing more material for the money (fuck for the buck) and better
extras, this was clearly worth a rating of at least Recommended or better should you be into this type of thing. In short, Fetish Fuck Dolls 3 delivered the goods for rough sex that the ladies got off on
participating in, the kind of edgy sex that both genders can appreciate
for the raw energy provided.

Mick Blue is one of the nicest directors at Zero Tolerance,
the guy never getting drunk off his ass and endlessly ranting like some
of his peers are known to do. This personality helps him elicit better
performances out of some of his casts, the end result being his movies
like Meet The Fuckers 10 are better as a result. The movie is a
set of five hardcore scenes where a wide variety of top notch hotties
such as Kagney Linn Karter, Kristina Rose, Asa Akira, and Raylene, all
jump on the peckers of guys like Mick and friends, showing their
talents from head to toe. The back cover said it like this: "Meet the
Fuckers, super-sexy, ultra-nasty Fuck-Sluts who are obsessed with dick!
These beautiful ball-sucking babes will stop at nothing to satisfy
their cravings for cock and make sure they get you off. One look at
their rock-hard bodies, glistening wet slits and stretched fuck holes
and you'll be ready to soil their pretty faces with a warm white wad!
Cum, join us and see why Meet the Fuckers 10 is the nastiest fuckin'
series ever filmed!"  It was as consistently appealing on technical levels as some of his previous
work but some of the pairings were really great, like Kristina and
Manuel or Mick tapping both Jessica and Madison so I rated this one as
a solid Recommended. The amount of fuck for the buck was high
and except for the missing striptease extra, it delivered the kind of
raw energy I have come to expect from the director on both sides of the
camera. In short, Meet The Fuckers 10 was a good gonzo fuck
fest to check out if you enjoy the cast, the ladies providing a nice
variety to appreciate for fans of adult entertainment.

 Manuel Ferrara
is considered one of the best male performers in the industry so it
makes sense that he also directs for one of the best companies, Evil Angel.
Over the years, his movies have shown a lot of improvement but even
then, his strength has been the amount of chemistry and passion he
generates with the ladies that usually find him so appealing, his
presence alone elevating most every project he participates in. His
latest project coming to me this week was Evil Anal 10: Special Set, the sequel to Evil Anal 9.
This double disc set has Manuel and his closest friends working with
ladies such as Phoenix Marie, Madison Parker, Andi Anderson, and Chayse
Evans so I knew that it would be a winner.  It was always best when Manuel himself was paired off with the ladies but
the other scenes were pretty warm at times too so I rated this one as a
Recommended or better depending on how much the readers enjoy
watching women have anal sex. The strokability and replay value were
really good and I have no doubt that most raincoaters will find this to
be a fuck flick worthy of their time, money, and seed. In short,  Evil Anal 10: Special Set, like Evil Anal 9 before it, will elicit a wealth of population pudding from your balls so give it a chance and see for yourselves.

 Brian Pumper may have been booted out of a sweetheart deal with Evil Angel
recently, but the fact is, he was granted his position for the type of
heated scenes he shot so whatever his transgressions, his movies tend
to be just what fans have come to appreciate. I picked up a couple of
his recent flicks last week before they fade away, one of them Brian's  Big Phat Round White Booty: Special Set.
The movie was a set of five lengthy scenes focusing on interracial sex,
the cast a mish mash of quality but the end result generally pretty
solid in terms of performances.  It had a lot of fun fucking and extensive booty tease so I rated it as Recommended
or better depending on how big a fan of the cast you might be. There
was a lot of fuck for the buck, good extras, and sufficient fun factor
combined with the chemistry several of the cast displayed for one
another, all of which helped minimize the over stated amount of BTS
footage was advertised on the back cover. In short, Big Phat Round White Booty: Special Set offered plenty of reasons to appreciate the style that the director
provides even if it has been pointed out that his business practices
are questionable at best.  Maybe in time, he will return bigger and better than before but until that happens, this was a worthy title to show he offers something special.

Tom Byron and Tom Byron Pictures
have been providing perverted porn for some time now, Tom selling
titles that are traditionally underrepresented in the general market
such as his popular ass rimming series or his MILF work. His latest
release making it to my desk is Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous,
a combination of his works that give up some of the most popular
established performers as they rimmed Tom and friends. My personal
favorite of the crowd was Raylene, her comeback scoring points as she
has been making the rounds all over the industry where she might not
have orgasmed on camera but she has been far more sexually skilled than
she ever was under contract.  It had some dedicated salad tossing action as advertised, the five ladies
proving they were quite willing to tongue a male asshole in between
getting head and being pounded vaginally. I enjoyed Raylene's
performance best but only because I find her attractive, a couple of
the others outshining her performance on technical merits. I rated the
movie as Recommended for a general gonzo audience but fans of
females rimming males should consider it a must have, particularly if
you are into older ladies. In short, Seasoned Players Meets Ass Eaters Unanimous was slightly less polished than either of the component series tends to
be individually but it suited the advertised dynamic sufficiently well
to make it a worthwhile title to pick up.

Tom Byron and his company, Tom Byron Pictures,
have long been catering to niche markets in porn, following the trends
to stay afloat in this turbulent economy. As such, Tom offers up a variety of series that I have found to my liking, the latest of which
is  Masturbation Nation 4: The MILF Edition . Having seen a
number of Tom's latest movies, it struck me that these solo scenes were
shot at the same time as the full scenes used in other productions by
the director, at least the clothing changed to show the footage was
unique to this masturbation movie. As expected, neither Tom, nor any
other males participates in the action here, the 20 ladies (Julia Ann,
Brittany O'Connell, Stephanie Swift, Rachel Love, Shayla LaVeaux, Davia
Ardell, Kayla Synz, Raquel Devine, Teri Weigel, Melissa Monet, Devon
Lee, Janet Mason, Kelly Nichols, Lola Martin, Vannah Sterling, Sheila
Marie, Brandi Love, Mika Tan, Monique Fuentes, and Chloe) all
masturbating with their fingers or toys in a semi-believable manner.  It had a nicely selected cast of cuties with solid production values and most of what it advertised so I rated it as Recommended.
I know many fans prefer seeing the ladies working with mopes, stunt
cocks, and the usual pack of male talent so willing to provide their
genetic juice plastered all over the faces of the women but movies like
this are a treat in terms of letting the women have some fun without
interruption. This time, Mika Tan, Julia Ann, and a couple of others
stood out as being the best of the bunch, so see how you favorites did
when you check it out. In short,  Masturbation Nation 4 was
nothing far off the heavily beaten track but it did provide some
appealing solo fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value to
merit a decent rating, so fans of the older and curvier ladies engaging
in solo work might want to pick up a copy since many of them show how
experience trumps youth more often than not.

Ravyn then offered up a worthy title in The Mikayla Chronicles:  Stranger things have  happened  on camping trips   especially  when you
are  afraid of all the  noises and of  all the   things  that  crawl
around on the  floor that  aren't human. If you are looking for a porn
that will make you laugh and make you cum a few tines then I think you
found the right one in the Mikayla Chronicles.  Even the BTS are fun to
watch! Erica and Rob are fun loving filmmakers and naturalists. During a
routine weekend in the mountains, their ATV breaks down, leaving them
stranded. But with only enough food and water to last one day, their
weekend of fun soon becomes a hilarious challenge to survive and find
their way home. They occupy themselves with positive thoughts - SEX! As
their resources dwindle, a grave question emerges... Will they laugh
themselves to death?  The Mikayla Chronicles has a lot going for it that   enjoyed watching
especially the  beautiful  Mikayla.  The  campy humor blended in nicely
with a few of the  scenes. The  eye  contact  that  I saw with a  few
performers  was a  nice  touch  showing  that they were  really not
what they were  doing and  the  sex had a  realness to it  that they
were  having  a good time at it. Overall a good couple's flick that  
one will enjoy and you can add to your collection.

Apache Warrior then offered up a wealth of choices such as  Crash Pad Series Volume One is a good representation of the
first season of this cult web hit. The standouts are the first three
scenes. Dylan Ryan, Trouble Royale, Stacey Staxxx or Stacks, and Skye
can easily transition from the indie porn circuit to the more
accomplished adult industry. All three women are gorgeous looking and
will gain many more admirers. The lesbian sex is very aggressive
especially in the kitty rubbing moments with their hands; Lesbian Legal Part Three is the newest installment to this
popular series. It is by the studio Girlfriends Films. It focuses on
the professional and private lives of the lawyers and assistants of the
law firm Lesbian Legal. The firm's three female attorneys are
India Summer, Avy Scott, and Janet Mason. Samantha Ryan is their main
assistant. Girlfriends Films is the leading studio that primarily
concentrates on lesbian themes. Their motto is to offer the viewer
"simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video" that has ever
been filmed; Kristin's Life Volume One is a very entertaining movie. Even
though Kristen Cameron is the main person, this web site would not be
as enjoyable if not for her group of girlfriends. Kristen, her best
friend Brianna, and their husbands would still make a winning site, but
the collaboration of their attractive Milf friends and their hubbies
push this site into another level of sexy fun entertainment. I have
learned not to underestimate her; The Crash Pad is the debut film of the leading feminist indie
porn director Shine Louise Houston and her company Pink and White
Productions. The premise of her movie is that the possessor of the key
to the crash pad can use the room seven times and then, she must pass
it on to someone else. A hidden fact that the users of the pad are not
aware of is that someone is watching them through hidden cameras. On
account of the succcess of this movie, a Web series based on this movie
was formed. It is called Crash Pad Series. The best episodes of the first four seasons are available on DVDs;  Strap-On Sally 24 is a very good installment to this
long-running series. Gina Lynn makes a charming hostess who adds
insight to each scene. Eva Ellington and Gina Lynn are the main
standouts with three and four hot sex scenes respectively. Eva is an
adorable woman who viewers will enjoy watching for many years to come.
She is personable. This series is not like those run-of-the-mill toy
flicks. Strap-On Sally has character. It provides meaningful context to
each scene rather than the normal quick fuck from the start; and Road Queen Part 11 is a fine addition to ths beloved series
among Girlfriends Films' fans. The first three scenes are the best.
Magdalene St. Michaels' uses her remarkable sensuality to scorch her
intimate performence through the screen. India Summer and Dia Zerva
have raw passion. Holly West and Tara Lynn Foxx capture first love
innocence in their lovemaking. This movie is a must-have.

Dr. Jay then regales us with tales of titles old and new such as: Don't Let Daddy Know 4 is, as you might expect, a
young-woman-themed gonzo movie. All the girls are purported to be 18 or
19 and they are all desperate to hide something from their daddies. For
example, amazing Tori Black has interracial sex with two guys...one
black and one white. She is terrified that her daddy might find out
because he doesn't approve of such things (good thing she's not a bigot
like her "daddy!").  The sex is hot and unfolds in five scenes: one vaginal/anal and the
others vaginal-only. There are four boy/girl couplings and a
boy/boy/girl threeway.  Don't Let Daddy Know 4 is a worthwhile watch, especially if you adore young, cute, and horny women; Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge is composed of several seemingly
unrelated storylines that are expertly woven together to create an epic
tale of valor as good eventually triumphs over evil. Thesedisparate--yet intertwined--stories are told by an absolutely superb
cast of characters that shatter forever the old truism that porn stars
can't act. Indeed, female players Jesse Jane, Belladonna, Shay Jordan,
Katsuni, Shawna Lenee, and Sasha Grey provide tremendous acting
performances. In addition, Evan Stone superbly portrays the pompous and
narcissistic--yet lovable--Captain Reynolds. And, Steven St. Croix, as
always, does a very credible job in his role as First-Mate Jules
Steel's (Jesse Jane) drunken and shattered ex-boyfriend; Released in 2007, Spunk'd: The Movie had the great misfortune of going head-to-head against Operation Desert Stormy and Not The Brady's XXX for the coveted 2008 X-Rated Critic's Organization (XRCO) award for best comedy or spoof. If Spunk'd: The Movie had been released in any other year, I think it would have won that award. However, Spunk'd: The Movie was overshadowed by excellent spoofs produced by two giant studios,
Hustler and Wicked. That simple fact alone gives food for
thought...upstart studio 6969 Entertainment and heretofore-unknown
director/producer Justin Kane did one hell of a fine job; Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 is a very creative five-scene all-girl movie. Scene Two, featuring Cayden Moore and Ann Marie Rios is absolutely outstanding. The intense chemistry generated by these two Sapphic-lovin' babes is explosive!  The other four scenes are first-class, too. In particular, I really
enjoyed seeing busty blond Gina Lynn in two scenes coupled with
dark-haired and sexy girls. One of Gina's fuck mates, Loona Luxx, is
really worth a look. In addition to being very beautiful, this
multi-ethnic beauty has a clit you simply won't believe. Damn, I'd like
to suck that love button deep into my mouth!  Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3  is a very worthwhile watch for lovers of girl/girl sex.

We also welcome the return of our own lovely lady, Jen the Horny Housewife, her trials and tribulations hopefully clearing up to allow her more time to review for the website:  Don't Let Daddy Know #8 from Red Light District and Director Mark Wood
is the latest installment in the covert sneaking around from daddy
series. While Ashyln Rae stands out as not only the light skinned
redheaded covergirl but all around hottest chick on the movie there
were a couple of others who really helped make this flick quite decent.
Miley Ann, Lana Violet, and Isis Taylor all provided respectable looks
to sweeten the eye candy up and deliver some nice looking sex. The only
real sad part of the title is that it feels so much similar to
everything else Red Light puts out that in all honestly once you have
watched on of their titles you feel like you have seen them all. They
rarely provide much diversity to their formula and that can get old
quick. That being said I adore Ashlyn Rae and just having her on board
really makes this worthwhile. All in all I recommend you check this
flick out.  It is FAR from the best smut out there but you will find a
lot worse.


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