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Exotic Dancer Expo: Opening Of The Expo Floor



Las Vegas, NV/A Entertainment News - We finally hit the floor, after 2 nights of parties, pageants and pretty ladies. The official business of the 2009 Exotic Dancer Gentlemen's club Expo began and the reoccurring theme was, clubs need hot ladies to make them work and they sell a bunch of different types of alcohol in the clubs and we were going to be able to test out as many of them as we could hold down before dinner time. There were an abundance of liquor sponsors with generous samples of their spirits.

The highlights on the Expo floor were the dance agencies though and each agency booth had enough eye candy to choke Willy Wanka. There were more performers at the Expo than we have seen in the past and no one was complaining about too many beautiful exotic dancers.

The Continental Agency and the A List Features group teamed up for a nice booth to the left of the front door as you walked in to the room. The booth was also outfitted with an X Pole "strippers pole" in the middle. Dave Michaels was on hand all day and we even got to talk to Frank Bane for a while who normally handles much of his business from his huge office.

The Pure Talent Agency as always had their long row booth with some very beautiful new girls, I am sure you will be hearing from them in the near future if knock out beauty has anything to do with it. Jim and Ann Marie always do a good job with the Expo.

This year the Lee Network made a comeback, with a nice booth full of sexy ladies. Tony Lee the founder of the Agency was actually at the Expo this year, it was good to see him again. Lisa Ann and Derek Hay were also on hand to handle any business that came up.

Here are a few sample pictures from the first day of the Expo floor. Plenty of beautiful women and alcohol so how could be have anything but a good time.

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