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Fuck, life is so much more busy owning my own tattoo studio... like in comparison to helpin' my old man run his for so long. Managing a place is one thing. But running shit and finding the time to tattoo [ and dirty webcam shows ] is quite the stretching on my time and days. But its been pretty fun so far. I know I havent even bloggated since my birthday it had its serious up and DOWNS. A lotta weird life shit went down the past couple of months and really it feels like some kinda 'pivotal' movie moment I guess for lack of a better description. . . . . But yeah, boss woman life gets nuts sometimes. I've had all kinds of stress. So much I burst a blood vessel in my eye this last week! Yeah just like on that episode of Daria, when Jake [her father wigs out and does it]. No I dont watch much TV or movies but Daria is still one of my all time favs! It's finally starting to get better so there will be new random and sexy polaroids and lots of cam shows coming your way.

Had to get rid of another artist, typical I know. And I've had people work for me for years who think I'm a pretty dandy boss, or so I've heard. It was for the studio's best interest though. And I have already gained a couple of great new artists because of it.Edited 8/26: actually had to get rid of several employees! As I learned as a manager of a tattoo studio for the past 5 years 'people with poor attitudes who don't care about their job are like cancer. You've got to cut it out before it spreads.' No need to worry some former Psycho Clown crew and more FEMALES are at the studio but there are more announcements and updates that will be coming this week from Adrenalynn INKorperated.Funny how that works. Perhaps a part of me is believing in karma these days. I guess I just saw some really hilarious photos of this 'chicks' car I thought I used to know. Meaning I thought I knew who she was, but it was all a facade. I'm just going to say I'm so glad I had a birthday, that I'm 24, and I love my multiple careers I've got going on, finding time to make ALL of them happen is the rough part. I could expand more on that, but maybe in another blog.

I have put a lil time into making a whole new look and feel to my site. There will be more new stuff

there this week so be on the look out. And as usual the free polaroid pic is up just click the red polaroid camera right on the top of the front page. This one is a throw back after sex pic :] I had BLONDE HAIR, yes that right BLONDE. I'm also covered in spunk, a personal favorite of mine. This is just an at home post 'afternoon delight' photo. I was so wet you can see some of it on the side of the bed, my hubby doesn't call me 'Da Juice' for nothin'. Hope you dig it, its been up for about a week now so check it out soon. I mean like TODAY, just took more for you tonight before my bath ;]

That's right updates will be coming often now that I'm back in the world of the interweb. If you do go check it out [and why wouldn't you, its a FREE nakkid dirty pic] When you check it out, you'll see the dirty webcam show button shaped like a red webcam and pics from cam shows you can click. They will take ya to my live show if I'm on or to a page of mine. If you sign up FOR FREE you can check out recorded samples of my dirtiness from the cam shows. And if you want to see more and can't wait there are recorded dirty clips you can check out while you're there. Its kinda like live, just a taping of it :] I'll be posting even more in the next few days. So all y'all who say you want new dirtiness, there ya go. Only OFFICIAL newness you can go see at the moment. And I'll be doing a cam show at the end of this week the date and time will be posted on my site ASAP.

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