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Jumping Out Of A Plane!!!


Well, the last few weeks have been very adventurous for me. First off, I went SKY DIVING! It was freaking awesome!!!  Nothing compares to jumping out of a plane @ 13,000 feet and being in free-fall for a whole minute!  I also went to Busch Gardens Adventure Park and rode all the roller coasters over and over again until I made myself sick. I love Florida so much: the nice, hot, warm weather ( when it's not raining!), the beautiful beaches, and all the hot, summer bodies I wish every beach here was a nude beach, but unfortunately that is not the case. Are you up for skinny dipping with me? Also, on my list of activities to do is the fact that I'm in the process of moving to Vegas!  I always remember the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.!!!" Keep updated with my blogs in order to see what naughty things happen."


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