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Brought to you by the letter E.


It's Easter Sunday, which doesn't really mean much to me aside from the whole all of my friends being busy with family stuff thing. Yep... that thing, which leads to me having so much time on my hands right now. Lots of time. Which doesn't really make for much to blog about, huh?

Friday night I got to see a sneak preview of popporn's movie, which was pretty nifty. Actually, it's better than pretty nifty, it's fucking hot. Almost hot enough to warrant atrocious overuse of punctuation and multiple 't's, except I'm trying to avoid that sort of thing in an attempt to get back to actual proper grammar. Overuse of twitter is making me get lazy in that department.

Meanwhile, I've developed a major crush on Draven from Burning Angel. I'm not sure why this is blog worthy, but hey, it's not like I'm going to start discussing nuclear physics or anything, so why not talk about cute girls with awesome boobs and nice asses, right? Draven is this super tiny little pixie that I had the pleasure of meeting at nyexxxotica last year. She has a cute face with Bettie Paige bangs, and it just adds up to really freaking cute. If I had her in my bed I'd probably be too excited to actually make a move.

Moving on to something completely out of left field: What's up with the uber-militant christians that keep repeatedly messaging/emailing/twittering at me to ''encourage me to repent from my sinful ways"? Not replying doesn't stop them, and neither does a polite ''no thank you''. Spam is what this is. SPAM. It's not like I go to their church and plaster the walls with Nurses posters or anything. Is there something along the lines of "annoy thy neighbour until they give in and convert" in a secret hidden chapter of the Bible?

This incredibly disjointed blog is brought to you by the letter E. As in Easter.

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