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The joys of pre-production, pregnacy and the worlds comfiest sheets


hey everybody. I have been suffering from a migraine for the past 4 days and finally have a moment of sweet relief and so I wanted to update you all on things that have been going on. Let me say it just sucks when you have a giant bottle of midrin that can stop your migraine and you are unable to take it because it will harm that which is cute, tiny and curled up in your uterus. my hubby, derek, has been a mega champ helping me deal with not only the horrific migraine pain and nausea related to that but also the "morning sickness" that I seem to have 24/7. and finding the rediculous foods that I end up craving when the sickness let's up, even if its at 3 am. Luckily on one of my many bath and body works spending sprees, I purchased an amazing peppermint gerainium headache soothing oil that actually works, and I would like to thank the wonderful Ravyn for the ginger/ginger tea suggestions for morning sickness. I have also found that grapefruit scents sooth my severely nauseated soon-to-be giant belly. In other news, one of my best friends in the whole wide world and her husband have been here visiting from new york. and came bearing gifts of the softest sheets known to man and an amazing new wallet with cute little dead bunnies on it, and a DVD packed with mp3 wonderfullness. the mp3s were an offering for the baby so he/she could listen to awesome music in utero. To the delight of many I have been in pre production for my next film, as soon as all the papers are signed and we go into production I will give mr. Don Houston the exclusive first look at my latest and greatest. Expect not only industry elite but the first look at the phenomally gorgeous Annabella Harlow (formally Paris) who will surely leave all you guys breathless and begging for more. And of course I will also be supplying you with countless jerkable bts eye candy.

Hope everybody is doing well and has a marvelous weekend


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