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i hate coming up with blog titles


I would probably post more often if blog titles weren't necessary. Could they just have numbers instead. But then would I start at one... Maybe go all the way back to the beginning as one... Which beginning... Just xcritic, or a running count of all of them... Picking a random extravagant number with seven digits is an interesting thought as well. Is this really what my life has come to... Mulling over word vs. numerical blog titles and what shoes I'm going to wear for what red carpet or sex scene?

randomly: "   -gate"... this time it's "torture-gate"... I understand Watergate was pretty relevant for it's time period, but what's with giving everything political after the mid seventies the suffix -gate? It's silly, just like the first paragraph of this.

I just finished day one of another porno movie today. It poured rain this morning. There was actually a considerable amount of water in the LA river. This is not normal. It was also pouring rain all last week. I left Philly at 6am totally warm in a little jumper and jacket, and landed in LA freezing my butt off. I expect this behavior from the weather in the cold harsh northeast corridor, but Los Angeles is supposed to be sunny and warm. Movies make it look like it's always sunny and warm. Liars. Very disappointing.

We (meaning Jesse Jane and I) will be signing pirates stuff (like posters and movies) in Dallas TX this weekend at the New Fine Arts West & Shiloh stores. Friday and Saturday, respectively. I'm pretty sure I've never been to Texas, although I could be forgetting something. All of these airplanes will be good for reading. I gave up on A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (the book my english-major step sister gave me to read) because it was too depressing. Instead, I'm reading The Rules of Attraction. And enjoying it. Which should tell you just how dry and depressing AHWOSG was. It's entertaining that Patrick Bateman's younger brother is in the book. I'm not sure if it would be more entertaining for this to be some kind of important part of the plot later on or a completely unimportant cameo. One hundred and twenty pages and I'll find out which it actually is.

In similar news, I can't wait to get somewhere new and interesting. Or home, where I can easily take trains to different cities. Except all the easy to get to cities are very cold right now, which means I'll probably just hole up in my apartment and sew things.

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