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Food for Thought! Male Talent!


The Mighty Evan Stone!

In  the almost three  years in  which I have been  reviewing for XCritic, I have  come to notice that the male  performers are never recognized unless you are  within the  circle  of the  chosen  few that   companies   often  hired repeatedly. Often neglected at all the trade shows they are very few appearing at any of the booth to meet any of their fans if they are any! Is it wrong in wanting the men to get some kind of recognition? No and  I don't  mean the  type of  ass kissing they  get because of how  huge their  cocks  are or  how many scenes you have   with the  hottest  woman in  porn.

Derrick Pierce

Understandably  so people watch  porn  for the  beautiful ladies for the most part and  see men as the  stunt cocks  or as one of my  friends and  fellow  reviewer   stated that she  feels that  male  performers should  be  on the  same  scale as a dildo.When a guy tries too hard to be noticed or plays too much of a role in a flick he becomes too much of a distraction taking away from his female counterpart. A guy should blend into the background allowing the women to be the center of attention. The men are more like a living breathing sex toy for the ladies to enjoy.

Jean Val  Jean

So would I like the guys to be more of a focus in the adult media? My answer to that would be yes. If you  talk to a few of the  ladies  in the  industry  today, you'll know that they have the  favorite guys to work with and have  great  chemistry on screen to sell  you. Unless you have a brand name and typically to have that you have to be a douche bag or a prick. The men get no respect or acknowledgement at all.

Manuel Fererra

In the Adult Industry the male talent is the minority unless he is working both sides of the industry. If you notice the male talent that work in Gay porn are more noticed and appreciated. They have their pictures all over the place and have a more welcoming fan base. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking porn either Gay or Straight, I enjoy the different genres out there and love reviewing it!

Mr. Marcus

From what  I  understand the men  get  paid more  in Gay  porn. Does that make any sense at all? Men get paid less in straight porn depending on what your name is but make more money doing Gay porn? Does the same go for women doing only G/g porn?

Tyler Knight

There is a  small  group of men out there working their ass off that are good  performers and  enjoy  their  work deserving  that  recognition and  praise. Then you have  companies that eagerly pump the   guys ego like Christian x, James Deen, Nick Manning and all these other male performers  that  don't meet up to the  standards set  by  the  veterans  in porn ie. Peter North,, Randy West, Randy Spears  and  of  course Ron  Jeremy .. its all a popularity contest in porn's public relations  when it comes to the men..

Marco Banderas

When I attended the AEE in 2007, I   was under the impression that the men would also be there signing. Boy was I ever wrong. Then again as a AEE virgin there was a lot for me to learn and even today I am still learning.


The  Adult trade  shows  basically promotes the  ladies  but  without  the men doing  their  fair  share of the  work in providing the stimulus in  selling the   fantasy where would that  leave us... probably watching girl/girl porn.

Jack Vegas

Even in the trade  magazines  there is  an abundance of  pictures and recent  article of  what the  ladies have  accomplished  so far and  of what is yet to  be  done in  their lives. Yet there is nothing written about the male talent unless it's on the gossip forums and it being just the normal trash that is spew every where.

Christian X

Every year the AVN has it's Best Male Newcomer and Male Performer of the Year,Best Supporting Actor,Best Actor,Male Foreign Performer Of The Year,Unsung Male Performer Of The Year, so does that mean that someone is actually watching the men as well? On the other hand, do they drop the names in a hat and chose from there?


                                                      Steven St. Croix

It makes  me  wonder what  it  takes  for  any performer to  gain the  popularity and  following in the  adult  industry. For the women of course it's all about the body but the way I see it, it's so much more than that.

Randy Spears

Right now many younger male performers have caught the eyes of the ladies they have worked with or soon will. For instance you have the debonair Manuel Ferrera, Charles Dera, and Anthony Rosano who for  arguments  sake have made a name for themselves.

Marcos Leon

Reviewing mainly feature porn might have sullied my opinion on other genres. I have  enjoyed some  gonzo  titles and  love the BDSM genre but if you look at it overall , it  all boils  down to that the  men in  porn  are neither  respected  or  appreciated unless you happen to  be one of the  top  tier  stunt  cocks in the  industry.



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