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Too Short Rocked the Blue Moon Nights In Hollywood


(Hollywood, CA/ A Entertainment News)-  The party was touted as a mix of mainstream and adult industries and for once that is what actually happened. The people from Offset Entertainment and Daddy Inc were the hosts at the Blue Moon Nights Club in North Hollywood Thursday night and the rap legend Too Short was scheduled to perform during the event.

The A Entertainment crew was there and what we found was a bit surprising because everything went as planned. The VIP was filled with music people, company owners, liquor distributors, and adult stars. I know we read about this all the time but being on the scene almost every night I have to tell you this rarely goes as planned or as the flier says. (The fliers have become a joke since about 50% of the stars actually show up)

We had a Spanish meal in the VIP then sampled the flavors of Caramba Tequila all night long. They age the stuff in different barrels to make different colors and flavors. A tequila aged in a second generation wine barrel will make a sweet pink tequila and they also have one that is aged 5 years in an ex scotch whisky barrel which gives it a brown color and a slight caramel taste. The stuff is good I can tell you that from experience.

Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Hershel Savage, Mr. Marcus, Miss Karen Stagliano, Gianna Taylor, Laurie Vargas, Syren, Jaylyn Rose, Penthouse Pet Tori Black, Tee Reel and a handful of other adult stars were in the place having a good time. The smoking area was opened for the paparazzo and the media wall was there on the patio. I spent most of my time in the VIP area, which was also connected to the stage where Too Short was going to perform.

Angelica Lane arrived and come back to the VIP with me and things got a bit crazy because it was time for Too Short to come on stage and security tightened up. I saw some people getting mad because they had to clear the stage before the concert started.  This scene reminded me of people that won't move back so you can give them your parking spot. Crowds of people never cease to amaze me, and we had a huge crowd of people at the Blue Moon.  Angelica Lane is this cute little petite sexy adult actress, who flies to Los Angeles from her home town in Cleveland Ohio, shoots a bunch of scenes then goes home and waits for the next trip. I personally love that plan, it seems to work.

The stage was clear, the crowd was hyped, the room was completely filled and Too Short made his way on stage. The music kicked in and in a few seconds Too Short started his set. I was hanging out with Anthony and the Tequila guys so I was still on stage but out of the way, and I can not say this loud enough, "Too Short owned the stage". His set was awesome, he was a complete professional and he sounded just like the records he put out. If you go to a lot of live music shows you know this does not happen most of the time. Too Short rocked the room and lived up to his legend status, possibly adding to it by mixing the porn world with the music world right before our eyes.

After the music set we all piled out of the club around closing time and headed about 5 miles down the road to the Desire Gentleman's club, which used to be the Silver Reign Club, which used to be the Pink Diamonds Club.  We have been to all three grand openings now. The place was packed and there were plenty of girls on duty to shake their asses and climb the pole, and rub up on you. We stayed for an hour or so but it was close to 4 in the morning and we needed to call it a night and get ready for the next day. As we were leaving crowds of people were still coming into the club, the party was scheduled to go till 6am and it looked like it was going to do just that. We have to thank Big John the manager for more than taking care of us while we were there, you can expect a bunch of events at this place, the room is beautiful and the staff was great. Look for some type of A Entertainment / Desire event coming soon.

Thank you to Rick Garcia from Industry By Rick For the extra shots of the night.

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