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Alaska baby!


Hey guys! I just landed in Alaska last night, woke up early to workout then we had some radio to do. It is FUCKIN AMAZING HERE! We have gone to Berlin, Melbourne, and a few of the states here at home, but I must say Alaska is the one i am most excited about!! Seeing snow for once is a VERY nice change. It makes it feel like Christmas, (plus it's fun to dress up warm.)  When I checked in I was told Stoya wanted me to meet her in her room :D...what could this mean?? So I got all checked into my room and bolted up to hers. When I arrived, she had a pair of fuzzy boots for me!! (Being from San Diego all you need is a light jacket, and these girls keep telling me I need to get warm clothes for all this travel.)  And Jesse got me a nice warm coat! It's even white just like I had said I wanted! They are so nice!  These girls are sweeter then any boyfriend I have ever had! Every time I travel somewhere I feel like I learn a lot about myself, and I really think I am ready to try dating a girl.  It's something I have never done but have always wanted to do.  We will see... Anyway... gotta go!

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