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sometimes i forget to update my xcritic blog


so here are some of the highlights:


been busy busy running the studio. i also forgot how tricky texas weather can be :[ i have been getting lots of tattoos. hopefully ill be getting worked on more next week. i really love getting new stuff, and cant wait for my arm to be finished to i can work on some new pieces i wanna get.


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so if you keep up with me on myspace [ where i actually posted my twitterfeed ] you can keep up with me on exactly what im doing. i post updates straight from my phone :] i did my hair jet black last week. i know i havent put up any pics of it. well here is one from a few days after the dye.



logged into a body modification site i belong to a few days ago and saw this. i dug it :] my script tattoo as a folder front hehe

adrenalynn on bmezine.com
adrenalynn on bmezine.com

so i must say i fuckin LOVE LOVE LOVE my iphone. i really do, im uploading pics from the convention from my phone onto flickr as we speak :] just gotta get a few more from a memory card then ill put em up. i know ive been away from the internet a bit . . . i promise to be updating as much as i can now. especially with my phone capabilities. (even though ive yet to download a useful app some of the ones i have are quite entertaining :] ) if you have any fun apps you dig let me know which ones they are :]

have had some clients coming in from out of state its been pretty cool. one of these is a korean woman in a hanbok a man got done for his wife. so many time we see traditional chinese or japanese woman. he actually already had one of these tattooed, but we did something a lil special for his old lady :] my fav was the lil fox. another is an older tattoo i did. a lil emo kid hehe :] and finally a clown on an unloyal clown from my studio.

[click to go to gallery]



trying to update all my other online stuff. i miss being online all day. i need an assistant damnit! and a pretty girl :]






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