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Yep, I'm taking years of being involved in my community, hundreds of hours of reading the news this year, and quite a bit of time spent badgering registered Democrats to vote in the primaries and flushing it down the fucking toilet. Since, you know, not voting in one election completely negates any activist work I've done over my entire twenty two years on the planet. During the primaries I thought Hillary wouldn't bow out of her campaign, was registered as Libertarian and therefore could not vote. We can talk more about being registered as Libertarian and my thoughts on the need to get out of the 2 party Republican/Democrat system later, but frankly while politics are a necessary topic of interest for me they really aren't my strong point.

There was still hope a few months ago that Hillary would be picked up as Obama's VP. Instead, Obama chose Biden, and thanks to my time in Delaware I can form an opinion based on Biden in his pre-presidential campaign years. His work in Delaware isn't epic fail, but he's definitely a little too accomadating to big business. Isn't that one of the main reasons the Republicans are un-desirable?  While he is a very nice man, I don't have faith in him. What I see from Obama is almost as flip-floppy and hard to pin down as anything coming from the Republican side. Usually, the VP isn't nearly as important in the decision making process as the Presidential candidate, but I think if you look at the assassinations that have already been attempted against one candidate and the health and age of the other, you'll agree that the VP is much more important this year than it has been previously. Given the choice between and idiot and a 'hero' and another idiot and a true politician, I'm choosing not to even bother this time.

We already know that 8 years ago the Republican party stole an office for Bush that he did not win. Four years ago I voted, and my vote didn't help. Hello disaffected youth, I'll be joining you for the first three years of the next term of presidential office. Fortunately in 2012 I'll have the opportunity to vote in the primaries and hopefully have the chance to see a candidate worth voting for make it to the actual election. Until then, I'm probably going to be very un-opinionated about the leadership of the United States, because if you don't vote, you don't have the right to bitch about the outcome.

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