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emergency surgery, loft redesigning and JACKI OHH


hey everybody!!

sorry that i've been M.I.A. lately!   it first started out bronchitis and the decision to completely redecorate my loft.....then it turned into the flu and ordering everything i wanted for my loft.....and then a stomach flu and then i had to have emergency surgery on my foot.  i now still have a flu bug and am recovering from the surgery.......my foot that hurts reaaalllllllllly bad and i'm awaiting the arrival of lots and lots of wonderful things from the ups man!  not to mention the furniture the hubster is going to go get.  

all i have to say is i got a lidocaine shot through my toe at one point....and i was completely wide awake during the process.  imagine a needle about and inch and a half long....now. imagine that needle being shoved through your entire toe  until it almost sticks out the other side....now, imagine the worst burning pain evvvvver as the needle is pulled ever-so- slowly out of your toe and the lidocaine is pushed in.   i have a verrrry high pain tolerance and that was just a little too much for me to take.  the sweet doctor spent 20 minutes trying to find numbing spray so i wouldn't have to endure the worst pain ever.  alas, she couldn't find it anywhere.  i got several more numbing shots and sat there while my foot was poked, prodded, drained and fuck only knows what else and finally wrapped in a giant bandage.  i was lucky because i got the world's sweetest doctor who happened to be as obsessed as i am with hello kitty so, we discussed hello kitty while she fixed my  injured paw.

in happier, more delicious news, i have a new girl for everyone to start dreaming about.  her name is  JACKI OHH !!!! she is 19, blond, has a hot super lean all-natural body and great 34c boobs.  i will be shooting her in the next couple of months and also acting as her protector/agent for now.  she will be shooting her first ever scene with me and will be doing b/g.  if you'd like any information on her, please contact me. 

well, i am back to an all-night horror movie fest while my foot stays elevated and i eat haagen daaz vanilla ice cream! nummm!



5am and wanting to go home and sleep...my poor paw! horray for sidekick pix

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