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Miss Nude Canada The Semi Finals Night




(Toronto, ON, Canada)-  Last night's semi final round for the 2008 Miss Nude Canada Pageant was just crazy. The Whisky Go-Go club was full of screaming fans and the top 12 girls were scheduled to take the stage and show what they had. Only 8 of the girls are going to make the finals on Saturday night so the tension was high and the shows were "all out".

We got to the club about 8pm and there was already sort of an intense atmosphere in the air. The big props came out and the shows were huge. The only problem with this is the set up time. DJ Super Dave and I were on the floor again for the night and the Whisky Go-Go girls made the time in between the shows go smoothly. The girls that the Whisky Go-Go has on staff are beautiful. I heard this from some of the locals that I talk to but after spending a bit of time in the club, I can say that it's really true; they have a great set of dancers at the club. I have to love my job sometimes, and this is one of those times. After my opening spiel on stage the crowd was set, I think they liked me judging by all the drinks they were buying me. Canadian strip club guys are pretty cool..

The 12 contestants in the semi finals were Onyx, Ice Devine, Janessa Styles, Sandra Katz, Katia Klein, Lisa Lopez, Taylor Tease, Ashley Tyler, Cali N Taya, Love Lee, Cameron Cox and Kelly Kayne.

These names might not seem familiar to the people in the United States but in Canada most of them are well known feature entertainers and tour regularly in the northern country.

We had a lot of fun during the night and the management took care of me all night. At one point the club was so packed that I had to announce from one of the pedestal stages because there was just no room on the floor. No one was complaining because that's what we wanted, a huge loud crowd. And that's just what we got at the popular Friday night hot spot.

There were a few shows that stuck out in my mind even though all he girls did a great job on the stage. Lisa Lopez had a great night with the crowd, my girl Ashley Tyler did a hell of a job as always, Cali N Taya, has a super sexy body and has to be one of the ones that made it to the finals although I can't stand her dancer name she is smoking hot. Little Love Lee who looks like she is a little girl all over, (Don't worry she is of age to do this) had another great show.

I spoke in earlier posts about Cameron Cox. This girl is beautiful and just beginning her traveling dance career, she looks amazing and her shows are full of energy, I get tired just watching her. She has even loosened up and is now ok with the interviews and paparazzi following her around all night.

Kelly Kayne seems to be just a little bit better than the other 11 girls, When she was tied from the ceiling in those gymnast ribbons or whatever they are, I felt the building shake from the roar of the cheers from the stunned crowd. Of course this is just my opinion and anything can happen in these contests. I mean the judges at the table have the full power to vote however they want and if they like someone then they score it that way, no matter what my opinion might be. That's why they have the competition, "that's why they play the game".

We have one more night, the big finals night and only the top 8 girls from the entire week will dance and vie for the crown of Miss Nude Canada. I would not want to be a judge and I still would not want the job of coordinator of the pageant, the guy that has to call the girl in the office and say "I'm sorry you did not make it to the finals" These girls train and practice for months and years for this, and that just has to be a tuff talk to have at the end.

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