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Fallen, Jesse Jane Heat, Cockasian 3, and so much more…


Spotlight Title: Fallen


Jessica Drake
is one of my all time favorite performers in porn, aging extremely well
over the last ten years to become a surefire candidate for the Hall of
Fame when the clock strikes the magic number. In recent times, she has
been focusing more energy on working behind the scenes, even directing
her first release reviewed last week by yours truly. Well, her number
came up to star in Brad Armstrong's yearly blockbuster title for Wicked Pictures called Fallen ,
and there was never any doubt in my mind that she was the best lady
capable of pulling off the role on staff. The movie details the life of
an angel stranded on Earth after neglecting her duties to protect a
young lady from a disastrous elevator ride that claims her life. As
punishment, Jessica is banished from Heaven to live among the humans,
the story picking up after four years to see her embracing the nastier
side of life in a series of meaningless sexual encounters. That is,
until she falls for her soul mate as played by Brad Armstrong, the
quirks of fate providing enough material for discussion in how the plot
shows her inevitable attempts to seek redemption. While the plot had
some serious holes in it (no pun intended) and a number of you may be
put off by the religious angle displayed here, the nod to several
mainstream movies as inspiration once again earned Armstrong some
respect.  Fallen was easily the best sex the company has provided in recent memory
combined with a light plot that a great many people will enjoy for all
the plot holes it provided. The packaging was superb and the extras
included on the second and third disc were some of the best offered by
them in a long time (I don't give as much credit for the fourth disc
since it is a rehash freebie but newcomers might find it more
representative of the company's other efforts). As the best showcase
spotlight I have ever seen on Jessica Drake, this was an exceptional
movie and fans of hers will definitely want to own a copy, maybe even
upgrade if a high definition Blu-ray version comes out in the future.
If you like feature porn at all then, the movie is clearly worthy of
being rated as Highly Recommended or better, again depending on your taste for this kind of fuck flick.

Sneak Peeks:  Jesse Jane Heat and Cockasian 3

First up is next month's release of Jesse Jane Heat, The vivacious blond is a bundle of energy and well received all over
the world at her appearances, proving that the entire concept ofexclusive contract performers can work if the right people are
involved. Fresh off her soon to be award winning performance in Pirates 2, she took it down a notch to give director Robby D. a chance at impressing her fans with a showcase effort called  Jesse Jane Heat,
the lady featured in three of the six scenes of the vignette flavored
title that comes out next month. Joining Jesse were some newcomer
hotties as well, with gals like Madison Scott, Paris Mayne, Kiki Vidis,
and some guys that Jesse hand selected herself. Some of you will also
enjoy how the director strayed from his usual formula and kept quiet
here too, using a vignette approach to let the ladies speak for
themselves sexually.  It was an excellent showcase for world renowned superstar Jesse Jane,
each of her three scenes showing why she is the number one performer in
the adult entertainment industry at this writing. Jesse fucked like she
was possessed and gave fans exactly what they have demanded, an
unbridled movie that allowed her passions to flow as freely as
possible, her allure undeniably sweet. I rated this one as Recommendedbased as much on Jesse's appeal alone, but her fans should consider
this a "must have" considering how much Jesse Jane fuck for the buck it
offered them, the hotty certainly better than ever as far as I'm
concerned. In short, Jesse Jane Heat showed just that, Jesse in
the throes of passion enjoying cock so very well, the technical aspects
top notch even if the extras were on the light side.

Then was next week's release of Cockasian 3, Robby's fetish for Far East pussy brings him down the path of
enlightenment as he serves up five dishes that won't leave you hungry
in an hour. The company website said it like this: "Acclaimed director,
Robby D. rounds up the sweetest, little Asian hotties around and talks
them into taking giant dicks deep in-side their tasty fortune cookies. Cockasian 3 features all the hardcore, deviant sex that Handheld
Pictures is known for, with an Asian twist that any fan of our exotic
neighbors to the East will have to see to believe. When Robby D. gets
behind the camera, even the most innocent and proper girls are willing
to do whatever he says, including the most extreme anal ever! Jandi
Lin, Bella Ling, Jessica Bangkok, Nautica Thorn, and Priva crave the
cock in Cockasian 3."  It provided his latest Asian experience but with fewer limits as his
Handheld line is known for. While the extras were minimal, the body of
the movie itself provided substantial levels of fuck for the buck,
surpassing what I expected from it going in to the point that I rated
it as Recommended. In short, Cockasian 3  will serve as
a nice supplement to the previous volumes of the series, the quality of
the cast diverse enough for varied tastes but almost always talented in
the art of milking a nut so check it out.

Highlights of The Week 


B. Skow is not only a blogger here at Xcritic but he is also an award winning director working for Vivid Entertainment,
his eye for the ladies always allowing him to find their most positive
attributes and promote them like few others could dare. His talent with
a camera is also renowned and few that see much of his work find fault
with it, at least when he controls a project. His latest release is The Nikki Jayne Experiment,
a double disc showcase starring the company's newest contract gal, a
hot blond English export first seen in Gazzman's The Initiation of
Nikki Jayne where she stunned the world with how into the nastiest sex
she could get, proving that beauty does not preclude talent as so many
suggest has to be the case. This time, Nikki gets a full work up of fun
for hours of entertainment, from short solo scenes to lengthy bouts of
boning the likes of which no one would have predicted coming from Vivid
even a few years ago. With long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes, the
curvy babe also manages to prove Skow's summation of her nasty side,
making her a contract starlet you'll want to keep an eye on in coming
years.  The movie proved that Nikki Jayne's debut appearance last year was no fluke and
that fans can expect a lot more from her than her associate contract
gals. The quality of the scenes revolving around Nikki would have sent
the rating even higher had the weaker scenes been left behind (and the
extras fleshed out more; I hate edited scenes) but due to the technical
aspects and amount of quality fuck for the buck, it still merited a
rating of Recommended from me. I don't need a lady to be an
extreme queen to appreciate her performances and Nikki's beauty alone
should elevate sales of her works, but suffice it to say that Nikki
Jayne is something special and I expect a whole lot of her contract
with Vivid. In short, The Nikki Jayne Experiment showed Vivid
thinking outside their usual parameters as they seek to appease the
fans, her signing likely proving to be a move we can all find very wise


Mike John is one of those gonzo directors that brings with him the kind of eye for detail that fans appreciate about his work at Jules Jordan Video.
He is widely recognized as one of the champions of quantity as well as
quality, gearing his various series to the market niches so often under
served by lesser companies/directors, many of his fans for one genre
(like his POV titles) looking into his swallowing flicks by virtue of
all he has to offer. His latest release is Boobaholics Anonymous 4: Special Edition, the sequel to Boobaholics 3,
where a variety of large chested ladies get to showcase their breasts
before having gonzo sex. The emphasis was on naturally large breasts
but essentially, if you are like most males on the planet, you are more
interested with what the ladies do with them then their origins in the
lengthy scenes. With tease added into the equation in large amounts,
the general "formula" for lack of a better term was satisfied by the
six women provided here, all of them gifted in one way or another but
each possessing the kind of funbags men appreciate.  It was a sweet way for tit lovers to appreciate all six ladies of the
cast, most of them well suited for the theme of the day and the
technical aspects combined with the extras to merit a healthy rating ofRecommended. There was sufficient variety here to serve of
strokable material for almost anyone and the replay value was pretty
solid too. In short, Boobaholics Anonymous 4: Special Edition was another slice of titty heaven for fans to appreciate, Mike John
showing the world that he hasn't lost his touch, and associate Tim Von
Swine added some value to the show as well, perhaps he will find a new
home to direct for in the near future (something I look forward to
seeing in fact).

 Stormy Daniels has been a force to be reckoned with in porn thanks to her performances and directing of movies for Wicked Picturesof late, even scoring some accolades in the recent Xcritic top female
directors list. While some people think of her blockbuster title from
last year as indicative of her talents, I think of her more intimate
romantic comedies much more readily showing how she does without tons
of assistance. Stormy's latest release is One Wild & Crazy Night,
a cute take off on a mainstream flick where a group of roommates, led
by hotty Memphis Monroe, celebrate the end of the college careers with
a blowout party designed to get back at a tight fisted landlord (Randy
Spears).  It was a small but amusing hit with me, providing enough balance between the comedic material and sex to earn a rating of Recommended. It might not be on the same scale as a show like Fallenbut it provided exactly what one would expect from the company, a light
romantic comedy with sufficient sex and high quality, served up Stormy
style! In short, One Wild & Crazy Night might be tame for
those of us that watch a lot of porn but the market this one was made
for should find it very appealing even if there wasn't nearly enough
Stormy Daniels in front of the camera.

 Tom Byronhas been involved in making porn for decades now, the former Houstonian
one of the most respected in the business. Tom's latest project coming
in for review last week was Seasoned Players 6, another star
studded volume in the series, this time graced with Julia Ann,
Stephanie Swift, Brittany O'Connell, Rachel Love, and even Shayla
LaVeaux. Exactly how Tom rounds up such top talent for the series when
half of pornland seems on the prowl for high end MILF performers is
beyond me but as envied as he may be, he delivers the goods in spades
this time, much like he did in Seasoned Players 4that I reviewed earlier this year. Considering how rare some of these
ladies make porn these days, all having left contracts, retired, and
fallen off the face of the industry, their performances were quite
welcome in my book.  It was designed specifically for showcasing older women possessing curvy
figures with a concentration on currently available superstars. As
such, the movie succeeded across the board with a lot of strokability,
replay value, and proved that these gals were still well worth watching
so I rated the show as Recommended. In short, Seasoned Players 6 was a nice tribute to some of the most respected ladies of the 1990's
porn, a few of them even winning over fans in the early 2000's so check
it out as it was pretty darned solid in many ways.

 Manuel Ferrara and his association with Evil Angelhave yielded a number of solid gonzo offerings to date, the double disc
phenomenon upsetting people at rival companies unable to provide as
much fuck for the buck value as they try to compete. For what it's
worth, I always caution them that quantity is not as important as
quality, Manuel providing a lot of personal chemistry in his scenes
most of the time that serves as a much higher barrier for them to
overcome than length of scenes and amount of extras alone, a similar
dynamic taking place for some of his peers at the company. His latest
release making it my way is Evil Anal 7: Special Set, the sequel to Evil Anal 6that some people really liked a lot. The emphasis was on hardcore sex,
ladies liking a big cock in their asses, and copious amounts of tease.  It provided some good old fashioned raincoaters stroke material that will
remain in my mental spank bank for a long time. The replay and stroke
value was worth at least a rating of Recommended, my only wish was that the technical values be a bit higher for the kind of premium the movie sells for. In short, Evil Anal 7: Special Set will make fans of Evil Anal 6even happier due to the added value bonus scenes and BTS, Manuel
certainly knowing how to give fans what they demand in a tight economy.
It had some rough edges to it, a few of the ladies not living up to
their potential being the main problem, but you rarely go wrong with
anything associated with this director given the way the ladies love
his spirited appreciation of them.

Apache Warrior came up with a quartet of titles to appreciate this week, beginning with Wet Dreams: Hustler Video has made another worthwhile and entertaining film. They
know how to combine the correct actors to obtain the best performances
from each one of them. They have had a lot of experience and it shows.
The script is also well done. Each scene ties together a particular
storyline and plot that flows throughout the entire movie. Memphis
Monroe is the star and the movie follows her sexual exploits.  Memphis Monroe shines in this outing. The script is written to allow
the viewer to keep his interest and to want to know what will happen
next. We care for Memphis and want to see what will happen to her.
Memphis is truly a star;  Viva La Bus:  from the Cesar Capone studios. People can check them out
on www.cesar capone.com and www.vivala bus.com. The main idea of Viva La
Bus is that the guys roam around the city in a van and pick up women.
They offer them money for their conversational time and other delicious
treats. The sexual action occurs in the van while it is moving along
the roadway. It is a very good ploy. The small talk allows for the
women and the guys to bring out their humorous personalities.  This is a very good gonzo movie. Even though there is a lot of
conversational time, it provides a much needed change of pace from the
immediate sex action that many gonzo productions incorporate. It is fun
to watch the women performers express themselves in candid dialogue. It
brings down barriers and we get to see their true personalities break
through;  Milf's Guide to Squirting: distributed by JM Productions and
Powersville, Inc. With a cast that included Brenda James and Nina
Hartley, I knew that this movie should be very entertaining. These two
professional and skilled actresses never disappoint. As a matter of
fact, right before the official movie begins, Brenda James is laying in
the sun and playing with herself. She is unaware that someone is
underneath her lawn chair. So, when she gushes out her wetness, her
stream full of honey liquid falls onto his face. Furthermore, I also
liked how the flow of the movie had a connection from one scene to the
next. However, the last scene had no obvious plot connection with the
previous ones except in that Priscilla Anne is a hot looking squirter. I was very pleasantly surprised on how the story line continued
from one scene to the next, for the most part, despite the last scene.
Most adult movies lack that plot continuity; and Slam It! In a Young Whore: part of their Slam It! titles. They are
very good and the studio Evil Angel really knows how to make porn the
way true blue porn lovers enjoy it. They usually have their regular
stable of actors in their films, but they are outstanding. Both the
women and the men must get a lot of credit on their performances. It's
too bad that there was not a chance to see their acting chops. There is
hardly any conversational dialogue.  If you enjoy anal, then this is the movie for you. There is a lot of
anal fucking in these scenes. With the lack of dialogue, there is more
opportunity for more sexual action. The sex is hot and intense.

Hotty Rayvn then offered up a duo of delights with The Last Rose: Director David Stanley takes you down a long and twisted plot that has
you wondering who the main character is and the demons they are facing.
What brought them to this stage in life where all they see is deceit,
personal conflict and the inability to trust or love again? The Last
is a story of survival and true love. This tale quickly becomes a
stunning story of how true love prevails--beyond tragedy, beyond death;
beyond everything you ever thought you knew about life.  Living with regrets is something we all live with at one time or
another. In  The  Last Rose we watch as  Teresa (Sasha Grey) and
Michael( Randy Spears) cope with the  fact  of the  things that  went 
wrong in their lives. I do like the way the putting on of the condom is
written into the scene making it look very natural.  With the flash
backs and fast forwards in time, and the short sex scenes, this  was a
mix of  real life issues combined together with very  nice coupling.
The  girl/ girl scene with Sasha and Ryder at first was kind of awkward
being that it showed Ryder pregnant. However, if you think about it,
even women who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester are sexually active. The use of classical music through out several key points gave it the right touch; and My Pleasure Pet: Penthouse has been releasing some interesting and enticing couple's
movies in their effort to compete with other couple friend titles out
there.. Some of which, have their good and bad to add to the mix.
Thought Penthouse titles are a slightly different, they take their time
with the foreplay and the mind tease; it offers the kind of porn
couples could watch. They have the artistic style and are porn friendly
for those that don't enjoy the hardcore porn. My Pleasure Pet is a soft
fetish title if you can call it that. With all of the five scenes
exploring the sexual side of ones partner behaving like a cat or dog it
brings a lot of fun into watching it. They say that women can be very
Catty and that men are Dogs well Guy Capo went and did just that. He
got what he saw would be the best at being "Catty" and very sexually
empowered to be a pleasure pet.  Did you ever watch a porno that you really enjoyed and got a kick out
of the way the performers got into character. Well Penthouse's My
Pleasure Pet is just that of porno flix that is very enjoyable in every
sense of the word! This is the  kind of porn you would want to watch
with your partner that they  would enjoy without it  being
overwhelming  for them!

The Mooninite then provided the latest alt-porn title in Honey Bunny:  The set up for Vena Virago's latest endeavor starts when Page Morgan
gets a hold of a fanzine that talks about the life and art of the
director. Page becomes obsessed with her work and with rabbits and
begins what can only be described as a psychedelic sexual road trip of
self discovery and sexual awakening. It's all very odd and it is as
much a performance art piece as a porno movie but Virago makes it work
as some sort of odd XXX counter culture statement though what exactly
it is that she's saying isn't entirely clear.  That said, this one is really easy to enjoy as a quirky and very
sexy slice of pop art and taken on that level the movie is a lot of
fun. There's a definite sense of humor to all of this and a great sense
of style and composition throughout the film that lends it a very
unique visual flair which goes a long way towards its success. Equally
important, the sex scenes are well shot, well cast, well choreographed
and genuinely sexy.  Honey Bunny is a candy coated whirlwind of sex and surrealism.
It's an interesting film that won't be for all tastes but those who
don't mind some eclectic visuals with their gynecological close ups
ought to give it a look, just for something different.

The Horny Housewife then found a title you might appreciate with Rocco's Nasty Tails #8: Rocco Siffredi brings together 10 hot Euro girls in one hot flick 
"Rocco's Nasty Tails # 8." The four main scenes plus the two added
bonus for a total of 6 scenes will most definitely

leave you with a need to take a cold shower so please handle with care.
Rocco's Nasty Tails # 8 from director Rocco Siffredi and  Evil Angel
studios was quite the DVD. Yes the video was not the best but With sex
and girls this hot I was easily able to overlook that flaw. In all
honesty great sex with hot girls will grab my attention any day
regardless of the quality of the video as long as it is watchable. I
would have loved to see this with higher quality visuals but it wasn't
to be and you know what I still really liked the DVD. From Scene one
through scene four and the 2 bonus scenes added I found something I
enjoyed and turned me on in each one and really how many movies can
that be said about.  I definitely think if your into cute Euro girls getting nasty as can be you should check this title out. All in all I recommend  Rocco's Nasty Tails # 8 and really think if you take a look
you will see why.Rocco is a legend for a reason and his latest DVD shows he still has a lot more to say in terms of his craft, few fans will be dissappointed with this title from what we could see.


Upcoming Notable DVDs


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