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Miss Nude Canada Pageant Day 3, No Day 1




(Toronto,ONT, Canada)- Arriving in Toronto from Los Angeles gave me a complete temperature shock as I got off the plane and went into the parking area at the Airport. The thermostat read 2 which seems really cold, especially since it's still hot in Los Angeles, and I had the chance to go to San Francisco for the Exotic Erotic Ball or to Tampa for the Rays World Series Game. Well truth be told I would have went to the game had I known they were going to make it. Keeping this short, my sister is an insurance adjuster or something like that in Tampa Bay and somehow works with the people who can get me a great seat to watch game 2 of the World Series.

I had to book the Canada trip a month in advance so there is no way I could have known. Anyway I am here in Toronto and made my way to the Whisky Go-Go club last night for my first evening of the Pageant.

When I arrived at the club I noticed that there were a lot of familiar faces from last year's pageant and we were welcomed warmly. DJ Dave was still there and running around on the microphone spouting off jokes that only a Canadian would get, or maybe it was just I didn't get them. He is good at trying the make the customers feel involved in the show and that's probably why we work together well.

This was Wednesday night and we are still in the preliminary rounds of the Pageant, they have been going on since Monday. Friday is the Semi-Finals and Saturday night is the big shebang with the Finals and the crowning of the new Miss Nude Canada. They take this very seriously here and girls have flown in from the farthest western areas of Canada and all over to be in the contest.

Tonight I don't rally have much to do, but that's alright with me since I need a full nights sleep before I am that crazy fun guy on the stage that they remember from last year. I did meet up with a bunch of my Canadian friends and we got to have some drinks together and catch up on what's been going on.

The talented photographer Simon Mah was there, he is a Playboy Magazine favorite and also has his own site at http://www.pinupallstars.com/ . It's a must check out site and if you ever wondered how Playboy finds all of the hottest girls in the north well Simon has a lot to do with that.

My protector and friend Sheik picked me up and drove me to the club, he knows all the right people since he is involved in he site http://www.terb.ca/ which does the reviews for Toronto's escort, strip club, and adult businesses. He's also been a friend of mine for years now and I know I can trust him. A good thing to know when you're in a foreign country and away from home.

I had a good gaggle of friends in the club that came to hang out. My Friend "Beater" and his woman came by for a few drinks; he even wore his "A! Entertainment" shirt. That made me happy because at least I know they aren't using them to wash cars with after I leave town. Canadian MILF porn star Carrie Moon came by to drink with me and brought her beautiful friend Shawna with her.

The pageant started with something called a strip off. This is where each contestant for the night comes on stage and dances a song with no props or elaborate costumes so the judges can see their raw skills and see their body and face without all the add on pageant things.

Layla Lust, a hot Russian blonde told me in the dressing room about her friendship with Ron Jeremy and his turtle, like I haven't heard that story about a million times. She asked if I had a pretty turtle as well, but of course I said. "All good porn guys have a nice pet turtle". I can't remember much of her show but I do recall her having some of the biggest boobs in the room.

Kelly Kane is a former winner of the pageant and is going for the title again, she is a seasoned professional and you could tell that while she was on the stage.

Lisa Lopez looked like an ethnic Bo Derek from back in the day and did a good job on the dancing as well. Cameron Coxx made a stir with the crowd because everyone said she was one of the most beautiful women in the pageant and yes she did look good. I tried to talk with her a bit but she did not seem that interested in the story, maybe it was just show jitters. 

Taylor Tease who is, by profession a model, looked stunning, I met her last year when I was emcee for the Wank Punter Band. We rode back to the hotel together and now have a good "Toronto Police" story as we got pulled over on the way out of the club.

Tia Brodie was another contestant that I remember from last years show. Tia did a metal grinding show that I remember seeing once before at the Exotic Dancer Expo where my girl Gia Nova did a similar grinding show. Jenessa Styles was a bundle of personality and I liked talking with her before she went out and did an entertaining naked magic show on stage.

And Onyx come out in the final spot of the night dressed as a black Nun and gave us all a new religion.

Each night half of the girls go up until the semi finals where the top finishers go up to see who gets to the finals. We will have more from the 37th Annual Miss Nude Canada Pageant tomorrow. That's if I don't use all of my club drink tickets at once.

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