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I recently joined the sexy ladies at burningangel.com! I'm shooting for them in a few weeks, and I am beyond stoked. I've always wanted to bang Joanna, and now I finally get my chance! I've spent the past few days fucking around with the website (there is a lot of awesome content to keep you busy for awhile) and I can't wait until I'm on it. I have no idea who the male talent will be yet, but I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. 

It seems like I'll be pretty busy during my next trip to LA...I just can't fucking wait until all of the dvds I've done this year FINALLY come out! Eon McKai's ON MY DIRTY KNEES should be out mid-january (we will be selling pre-release copies at AEE, which is perfect because I'll be right there to sign it!) and I have nooooo idea when Club Jenna's LIVE NEW GIRLS (by JACKTHEZIPPER) is out...we shot that in July and my scene was with James Deen. It was pretty brutal!
Vin went to LA last monday to shoot a scene for WINKYTIKI'S PUSSY A GO GO with Roxy Deville! It all went pretty well, and I'm really happy my baby is finally getting the top notch work he deserves. We're so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving relationship that allows us both to work in this industry. He is my fucking soul mate.
In other random news, I have acquired a tan! I know it will probably piss off a lot of the original Andy fans (people seemed to LOVE my porcelain skin), but I love it and I think it looks fucking hot on me...and no, it's not a spray tan haha. Change is good!

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